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Roof top tents?

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  • Raggy

    They look cool but wanted to get peoples opinion on using them.

    pros / cons / cost / specific types ???

    I don’t like the idea of packing up my tent if I want to drive anywhere Should that even be a concern? Are they pretty easy to pack up?

  • Goddard
    Goddard on

    My opinion 🙂

    Wrangler on

    To Roof Tent or not to Roof Tent, that is definitely the question…


    One of my concerns is the 50kg on your roof. For a 3,2L ranger that might be nothing but on a Jimny thats a massive weight. How would this effect the fuel consumption and drivability of the vehicle?

    Then comes the point if you pitch a normal tent, it stays on the campsite but when you leave on a trip with a roof tent you have to fold up. Sounds like a pain which I don’t think I would like to endure for early morning drive outs. How much effort is this likely to entail? Will I still get to see the sun rise 🙂

    How do guys store their tents when they are not using them?

    Is a Roof Tent worth the investment?

    Len on

    they perfect for one night stay overs but not for long term camping in one place. Whether you want to fork out the money to have both options is up to you but most people have normal tents anyway.

    Pandy on

    they are lekker if you can get into them

    20 mins and your sleeping

    i was looking at getting one for my trailer :$

    Dirk Ringlib
    Dirk on

    A roof tent is nice for convenience and storage.

    Normal tents take up a lot of space and take a while to set up but you have way more space.

    All depending on the trips planned.

    Markus Bernatzeder
    Markus Bernatzeder
    Markus Bernatzeder on

    It mainly depends on how and what camping you do, we rent them out so we know a bit about RTT.

    If you plan to stay more than 4 nights at a camp maybe look at a ground tent, but if you are touring the setup and practicality are great in the RTT and most can keep your bedding inside.

    The Hardshell full-length ones are event faster and convenient but do need a canopy or load bar/ roof-rack and will take up all the roof space on most cars. The fold-over one takes up less space but setting it up at 5 am is never much fun but that also applies to ground tents.

    When you are not camping the storage of RTT is a lot harder and putting it back on is also a job

    Hope that helps, maybe look at renting one before you buy them they pretty expensive

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