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Should I disconnect my battery?

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    Just a quick question. I wont be using my Wrangler for 3 -4 weeks. Should I disconnect the battery? If I do disconnect would it complicate things/

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    Andrew on

    Disconnecting the battery will not complicate things at all above messing with the clock time. Many modern vehicles alarm systems kill the battery in less than a month.

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    Morpheus Prime
    Morpheus Prime on

    as far as i recall, even if you disconnect the battery it’s still going to lose charge?

    probably not as fast as when you have it connected to an immobilizer – but i still think that when you return to your car after a month, she wont start.

    if you do take you battery out, OR unhook the positive terminal. i would seriously recommend using a battery charger that trickles the power into the battery to keep it alive or charging. there are a few of these on the market ranging from R 1000 – R 3000.

    the worst thing you can do for a battery is let it go flat. when it goes flat – it significantly decreases the lifespan of the battery.

    batteries are not cheap – perhaps the 4×4 guys can publish an article for you on Battery maintenance and care. ive learned many lessons from doing things the wrong way and trusting mates opinions than actual expert advice or fact.

    i too would appreciate the insight.

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    Andre du Rand
    Andre du Rand on

    It is recommended to use a storage battery charger like a Victron Smart IP65 4A, it can be left on the battery during these 4 weeks. a Nice feature of the charger is that is has Bluetooth built in so you can use your smart phone to monitor the status of the  battery using VictronConnect, a free app used for Bluetooth enabled Victron products.

    Disconnecting could be a solution but you might have a tracker that needs to report.

    A battery will self discharge if left connected, if disconnected it will have to be looked after by means of charging, here you need a charger with a storage mode as described above.

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    Morpheus Prime
    Morpheus Prime on

    Thanks Andre.

    cool brochure. however the App part seems to be in German.

    do you know if the battery connect by Victon can work on any batteries? or only Victorn batteries?

    also…..can you only check the battery status over bluetooth? or does it have WIFI internet capabilities also?

    if for example i want to monitor the status of my solar batteries remotely?

    i dont think the connection for bluetooth between my home and my office will work. haha.

    Many thanks!


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