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Vehicle License Renewal – Free Online Assistant JUST GOT Better

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  • Marius vT
    Marius vTParticipant

    I am really excited. is a free online vehicle license renewal assistant. You fill in your details (once only) online. For rest of your life on earth, you will receive your fully filled in form 30 days before your vehicle license disc expires.

    But NOW – you can also add your Drivers License expiry date. And the system will email you a reminder to renew your Driver’s License 30 days before expiry.

    Check it out:


    Feedback always welcome.



  • Gerd Kopanski
    Gerd Kopanski
    Gerd Kopanski on

    Sounds absolutely fabulous.!!!
    Questions I need to ask:
    1. Who owns this website and how does he/she get income ??? No one does anything for free !!
    2. I see a danger in that your addrtess details PLUS your vehicle details are visible for any hacker worth his/her salt.
    Expect unwelcome visitors at nighttime to remove your vehicle.
    The site sounds to me like a “ON-LINE SHOP FOR VEHICLES”
    Gerd Kopanski

    Marius vT
    Marius vT
    Marius vT on

    Hi Gerd,

    Thank you for your response.
    I would gladly answer your questions 🙂

    1. I am the developer of You can find me on facebook as well. My details and address are on

    Regarding the income question. I initially developed this website for my own use. Friends heard about it and they basically forced me to go public in order for them to be able to use the platform as well. So from there, I decided to put in more effort and then go public, which I did. Just like Whatsapp or Email that is free, this platform is free.

    I never had intentions to monetize this. However, it has grown quite fast and large.

    Many SME companies and individuals are using this service. Maybe in future, I may run ads on the website or maybe Elon Musk or some rich guy will buy the platform from me 🙂 But as I stated on the website, it is a free service (just like Whatsapp, Email, etc) and I will keep it like that. The user will never have to take out a credit card or provide any banking details. Yes, how I will make money I do not know even myself at the moment. Just enjoying helping people as this entire Vehicle License Renewal process was a huge pain to me.

    2. So on the security side of things. The platform is as secure as Facebook or even this forum you using. Banks, Facebook, State Departments, etc get hacked daily. Not one website on the internet can guarantee they are hacker proof. If they do then I suggest running! But what I can tell you is I do take security very seriously. I have SSL encryption, Google Captcha, Hashing, etc implemented.

    Furthermore – whether you use my platform or not. In the end, you still hand your completed form (with exactly all the info you would have captured on the platform) to a total stranger at the counter and pay for your renewal. That person you do not know at all. You do not have his/her address, contact details, name. He/she may not be around next time you renew. Nothing prevents him/her to snapshot your details with her cellphone and forward the info to her buddy in Nigeria via Whatsapp (free).

    So here I am, building a platform to ease the pain and frustration. All my details are on my website readily available. I have a domain, email, address & Facebook profile/page all linked to my person. I am a responsible developer and I can not and will not hide.

    So to conclude. Your security is far better handed with me versus with the lady at the counter to whom you will be handing your completed form(s) anyway. Unfortunately, you can not avoid the latter. Income may come in whatsoever form in the future. As long as I am in charge I will keep this service free to the user.  You will never be spammed, asked for a credit card or banking details. Yes, maybe I will run Google Ads on the website. Who knows. For now, I am totally happy helping people with something that used to be a huge pain to me. PS: I do have other means of income and this platform really just started off as a hobby project.


    Gerd I hope I answered all your questions. Please let me know should need any more information.

    Best Regards,
    100% Free Online Vehicle License Renewal Assistant.

    Marius vT
    Marius vT
    Marius vT on

    Gerd I actually need to mention this. I had several older age people who have thanked me for this service. I never even thought about it like this. But as one pensioner told me, many times he visits the Post Office to do his renewal. But at his arrival at the Post Office, he realizes he has forgotten his reading glasses at home. Now with, this will not be an issue anymore. Duratec Batteries, Margate Mini Coach Services, etc are examples of companies using the platform. Mega Farmers are using it. Farmers with more than 100+ registered vehicles.

    Keep well 🙂



    Gerd Kopanski
    Gerd Kopanski
    Gerd Kopanski on

    Hi Marius

    Thanks for your comment however in South Africa in current times one has to be prepared for every possible bullshit / fraud / spam / theft etc etc etc, hence my suspicious mind.
    Your comment regarding the person at the licence office or post office having also access to your details is valid but not on the scale like a hacker would have instantaneous access to 100 s or 1000s of different details.
    For me the criminal today in South Africa who follows international travellers from OR Tambo to guesthouses/hotels in Jo’burg or Pretoria to rob them on arrival says it all, which means that someone who has gained access to your ‘Data Bank” can look for a “juicy” vehicle owned by an elderly person (remember, personal details//identifiers like ID number are on the system as well).
    I personally will try out your system at one stage because my vehicle is locked in a garage in a complex, when not in use which however does not preclude to check me out (he has address and vehicle details) whilrk.e I am driving out of the complex , for example going shopping, Even worse, he might follow me when driving after dark.avy eraffic conditions and while entering their property in daylight …….We live in shitty times……and to me EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE UNTIL we have PROPER LAW ENFORCEMENT and not 9-5 policemen whiling the day away in the police station…..instead of patrolling, on foot and by vehicle.

    Marius vT
    Marius vT
    Marius vT on

    Hi Gerd.

    You have a valid point and I can understand your concern. And I am sharing some of your views regarding the criminal elements today in our society! Such a pitty and frustration never mind the fear one has to live in constantly.

    Yes please give it,, a try. And I would love to receive your feedback on how we can improve.

    🙂 Marius

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 11 months ago by Marius vTMarius vT.

    Anonymous on

    This really works great. Will save me a a huge amount of penalties for late licensing. Thanks

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