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what benefits do Bearing kits have for my 4×4

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  • Morpheus Prime
    Morpheus PrimeParticipant

    Hello Everyone.

    Please excuse the newbie questions  as me and my family are fairly new to the overlanding game.

    i know the benefits of having an aftermarket suspension fitted to my Hilux, though i have been seeing alot of adverts for bearing kits lately.

    Sure, i know what bearings are – but i am unsure as to the reason why people choose better after market bearing kits for their vehicles? and if so trailers.

    is this because mud and sand enter the bearings while venturing off-road? also – how often should you change your bearings?

    if anyone can help with a  quick explanation, i would be most grateful.


  • Dirk Ringlib
    Dirk on

    Wheel Bearing Kits

    Wheel bearings allow a wheel to turn at high speeds and at a very low friction rate, despite the heavy loads they have to bear when your rig is kitted out with packed fridges, rooftop tents, roof racks etc… the weight could quickly reach maximum capacity and that will have a serious effect on your bearings.   The typical wheel bearing consist of two rings with “rolling objects” in between, being balls or cones. As the balls or cones don’t slide but roll, they hardly generate any friction.

    The weights of the car, the suspension action as well as the driving and braking forces are transmitted over the bearings. That means all the forces are transferred by the miniscule touching areas of the rollers and the inner and outer bearing rings (racers). Therefore, the bearings have to be made from the strongest, most durable steel, while the running surfaces have to be polished and hardened to keep wear down to a minimum, aided by an efficient coat of grease. A pair of seals prevents grease from leaving the hub and dirt from entering the bearings.

    Wheel bearings are a very important safety item of a car. A failing bearing usually starts with a humming sound. However, if wear leads to excessive play, stability may be endangered. In worst cases, the wheel may lock up by seizing rollers, or even come off entirely. Needless to say that at the earliest signs of bearing failure, the bearings must be replaced.

    Morpheus Prime
    Morpheus Prime
    Morpheus Prime on

    Wow! That is some explanation. ok great!

    I see terrain tamer is advertising some kits for sale from the last newsletter i received.

    Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Bearing Kit

    Are these any good? i see they are top rated for Australia conditions, which i assume are very similar to our climate.

    Will give them a call for pricing.

    Thanks Dirk.

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