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What our readers think are the best 4×4 tyres?

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  • SA4x4

    We asked our readers what their favourite 4×4 tyres are and the result so far read:


    We wonder which tyres the 13 “Other” votes represent?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    This is quite an incomplete list – what about Hankook, Pirelli, Michelin, Yokohama etc etc

    George Brittnell
    georgeb on

    Yep – this is indeed a very basic and limited list. I believe it is related to the limitation on the number of available options per poll? Then, in addition there is also the debate about AT vs MT…..never ending indeed….

    RusselB on

    How does one vote ?

    SA4x4 on

    RusselB, visit our Home page and scroll down, on the right hand side you will see the poll and you can vote there 🙂

    destination_unknown on

    i guess if we had to choose from a list of 22 possible makes/types – one would not want to vote.

    However i do agree with cecilh that Yokohama should be added.
    and guess an AT tyre would be best voted for, as an average all terrain.

    but knowing the best kind of MT tyre would be beneficial aswell.

    Robin Clare-Talbot
    4x4_Fanatics on

    I couldn’t agree more.
    There are so many brands and so many variants.
    Again the first question should be what do want to do with your tyres, then select whats best for the application.
    BFG pretty much own the market because of their popularity but are by no means with the front runners in terms of offroad quality, for many happy km on tar, yeah they are great.
    I have run 2 sets of BFG KM2 muds, a set of 32″ and a set of 37″ and offroad performance they are decent but only for the first few trips, then chunks of rubber start falling off due to their really hard rubber compound and the tyres become very nasty on the road then.
    I am currently running a set of Maxxis Bighorn 35″ which have a much softer compund so want last 100,000km but while they get me there close they are far more comfortable and I dont need to rebalance them after every trip.
    We are very limited to the greats in SA, but keep in mind, GoodYear Wrangler MTR’s and GoodYear Wrangler Duratracs are out of this world, we dont get Toyo much in SA but Hankook are currently the best MTR in the States..

    Just my few cents..

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