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From the Ground Up

Words + pictures by Wimpie van Heerden

My family and I love camping and spending time in the great outdoors. During my years as a camper, it had been a dream of mine to own an offroad trailer – one that was big enough, and designed for my family’s needs. I especially wanted something we could take off-road and into the bush, whether for an extended holiday or for a short weekend break. While hunting around, I battled to find a trailer that suited our particular needs, and I was not happy with the notion of spending lots of money on a unit that didn’t provide me with all the things I wanted.

I thought about our past camping experiences, did a little research and lots of brainstorming on what our trailerneeds were – and came up with a suitable design. The aim was for the trailer to be as comprehensively equipped as possible for the whole family. Once I had the general concept in mind, I downloaded a program called Sketch Up from Google, and started to map out a 3D representation of what the trailer looked like in my mind’s eye.

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