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Goldwagen partners with Wolf Lubricants


Goldwagen, one of Southern Africa’s leading automotive parts suppliers, with a heritage spanning some 29 years, has entered into a new partnership with Wolf Lubricants. The partnership means that Goldwagen has become the official supplier of Wolf Lubricants to the southern African market. In this article we expand on some key points that you need to know about Wolf Lubricants.

5 things that you need to know about Wolf Lubricants

The heritage behind the name

While the Wolf brand might be somewhat unknown here in South Africa, it is a relatively well-known brand the world over. This Belgium-based family-run company has been involved in the production and supply of lubricant products and additive technologies for over 60 years. The company makes use of its own, in-house R&D team, onsite laboratory and stringent quality control which is implemented throughout the production processes. The company is also involved in motorsport, more specifically the Word Rally Championship or WRC.

Does it have OE Manufacturer approval?

Wolf Lubricants has over 130 OE approvals from the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Ford – to name just a few. They offer a wide variety of products that have been specifically designed to work with many modern-day engines for the passenger, commercial and recreational markets.

What are some of the passenger car products?

When it comes to passenger car oils there are a host of options to choose from depending on your vehicles needs and specifications. Wolf Lubricants offers products such as OFFICIALTECH which is a fully synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected very high-quality base oils. VITALTECH excellent fluidity at low temperatures, a very low resistance when starting, an exceptional viscosity index and a very high thermal stability. ECOTECH offers the highest levels of fuel economy in passenger cars. EXTENDTECH offers low viscosity and outstanding fluidity which guarantees an easier cold start and helps to reduce engine wear. GUARDTECH has been formulated to offer a low ash formulation and a high resistance to ageing. The carefully selected additives contribute to engine cleanliness and durability and provide reliable protection against sludge formation and wear.

What else does Wolf Lubricants offer?

With its long heritage in the automotive lubricants segment, Wolf Lubricants has over the years extended its portfolio to include various products for your vehicle. Over and above its extensive range of oil products, the company also offers WOLF BRAKE Fluid which ranges from DOT 3 to DOT 5.1. These synthetic brake fluids are intended for hydraulic brake systems, where a superior quality is required. A benefit of the DOT 4 fluid is that it features a high wet boiling point of 172°C which is superior to conventional fluids DOT 3. This enables longer product lifetime. Another product worth considering is Wolf GEAR OIL which has been specifically formulated to work with many modern-day gearboxes such as the ZF-6 speed automatic transmissions, as fitted in BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover and others.

Where can I get Wolf Lubricant products?

As mentioned, Goldwagen has partnered with Wolf and thus has become the official supplier of its products. Goldwagen boasts over 110 retail outlets across Southern Africa. This coverage in conjunction with their distribution centre in Centurion Gauteng and its own distribution fleet ensures that each store is fully stocked with quality products such as those offered by Wolf Lubricants.

Wolf Lubricants are designed to improve performance, drive quality and fuel consumption. If you take good care of your overlanding rig, then it will undoubtedly take care of you.  

For more information on pricing, availability or technical information you can visit your nearest Goldwagen dealership or you can use the enquiry form below to get in touch with a member of their team directly. Remember, these lubricants are designed to prevent damage to your vehicle and we strongly recommend thorough vehicle checking and maintenance before any long distance trips.

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