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High Calibre Seat Covers To Protect Your Vehicle’s Upholstery – Stealth Seat Covers


Whether it’s an adventure away with the family and pets, or loading the 4×4 with your sports gear and heading out to the bush or beach or putting your work van, truck or heavy machinery through its usual paces that leave it grimy at the end of the day, your vehicle’s seats will be taking a beating time after time.

Talking to the owners Gustav, Andrew and the team, they are committed to producing the ultimate seat covers cost-effectively, to help make sure your upholstery remains in top-notch condition.

“Gustav’s grandfather always said, ‘Protect the inside of your vehicle just as much as the outside as it will help with the resale value.’ He believed in using seat covers, but back then, a long time ago and far away, there weren’t too many options available. The ‘go to solution’ was basically coloured sheepskin covers which being untreated, didn’t always last that long. An added disadvantage was that they were super-hot during summer and had a distinctly whiffy odour come the rainy season.”

The fabric selected for the manufacturing of Stealth Seat Covers is a top-of-the-line, high-performance material composed of 100% synthetic nylon. It was originally developed for military applications back in the day where strength, durability and waterproofing were the main criteria. These properties were refined which proved to be well suited to the specifications for their seat covers and fabric has been successfully used over the past decade without any change being necessary.

Watch the video below to see how a family enjoys the comfort and benefits of having Stealth Seat Covers:

Some key highlights of Stealth Seat Covers are:

Major Colours: Black, Charcoal (Grey) and Beige or two tone (mix) the colours as well.
Tough as nails: The fabric is soft but tough and durable. Using fabric that had a military application means your set of Stealth Seat Covers are heavy duty and virtually tearproof.
Great fit: They don’t use a ‘one size fit all’ pattern. Their seat covers are custom manufactured according to the exact make, model and year of your vehicle to fit perfectly.
Abrasion resistant: Protect the upholstery of your vehicle’s original seats from scuff marks. Let your Stealth Seat Covers absorb the wear as they are chafe resistant.
Waterproof: That’s right; their seat covers are not simply water resistant – their non-absorbent properties won’t let fluids seep through.
Stain resistant: Being made from nylon, the fabric is essentially resistant to staining.
Airbag compatible: Your safety is high priority; therefore, they have developed a seat cover airbag release pocket from which the seat side airbag can deploy. Their designs are also fully compatible with built-in seatbelt holders.
Easy to clean: Due to the non-absorbent nature of the material, it’s easy to keep your Stealth Seat Covers clean. If they become dirty, a good wipe with a damp cloth is usually enough. For heavier cleaning, pop the covers in the washing machine then hang them outside for a short while as they are quick drying and shrink resistant.


Why be like the rest of the herd when you can customise your new set of Stealth Seat Covers with the options below:

Embroidery: Personalise your custom seat covers by adding your own logo or slogan in the colours and design you prefer.
Stitching: If you would like something different and unique by customising the colour of your seat cover stitching.
Side Seat Zip Pockets: Need an extra pocket that can zipped closed to hold smaller items?
Back Seat Pockets: Their back-seat protector plus pockets is designed with a stretch top so it’s not simply a floppy bag tied to the back of your seat. This add-on feature is popular among families with young children.
Centre Console Cover: For that extra finishing touch, add a centre console cover to your set of seat covers.
Front Seat Arm Rests: Does your vehicle have arm rests? They provide covers for these as well.
Own Ideas: Let them know what you would like to add to your seat covers and we will be more than happy to assist with your request. Their designers will assess what’s possible as an add-on to your Stealth Seat Covers and prepare a quotation.

Stealth Seat Covers can also fulfil International orders having a branches in South Africa and New Zealand.

To get a quote on these top-quality seat covers by Stealth, simply fill in the enquiry form below and state which make and model vehicle you have, and the amount of covers that you will be needing. A qualified member of their support team will contact you back with all available options, colours and styles.

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