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Hot To Trot

Words by Pieter Oosthuizen. Pictures supplied

If you like towing a fully-loaded off-road trailer into the wilderness, then you will obviously understand what famous explorer Apsley Cherry-Garrard meant when he wrote in the early 1900s, “The luxuries of civilisation satisfy only those wants which they themselves create.” So, having created those wants, it is important to satisfy them by having enough extra space on a good pair of extra wheels. But you still need to be happy about the weight of it all. When I first saw the new Warthog trailer at Bush Trotter’s Hennops Park production line in Pretoria, the shiny aluminium body caught my eye. It looked lightweight, and if you like all the bling, it is a thing of beauty.

But, if you are going to take your Warthog trailer into the wilderness, we suggest you go for the new khaki, bush-coloured body, which retains the neat green, hammered-steel frame trimming that blends well in the bush.

Aluminium cladding and carpeted plywood are attached to the steel frame, while the ten doors are insulated with tube-type rubber. Luckily, all twenty latches use the same key, or things could become frustrating. A steel frame supports all the aluminium, as well as the swinging steel arm for the spare wheel. Over 200 rivets have been used to attach the aluminium and the hinges to the frame, all of which enhance the appearance of the external trim.

The wide body, which is a school-ruler’s length longer than their Piglet model, sits over the wheels. This adds 700-litres of packing space, which is about the same as the luggage compartment of a medium-sized SUV with the rear seats folded down. All of this results in a roomier tent and a much bigger bed, measuring a whopping 2.16 x 1.7 metres – as close to a king-sized bed as you’re ever likely to get in a rooftop tent. All in all, it’s the perfect size for two people.

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