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Light up your adventure with HELLA LED Auxiliary Lights!


There is no doubt that beyond the necessity of 4×4 auxiliary lighting within the sparsely lit South African road system, sporting a set of high-visibility LED Auxiliary Lights on your trusty 4×4 steed will set it apart from the rest and make it ready for the next adventure. It’s just a trend, right? Wrong. The fact is that these lights look awesome astride and serve a very important function for your vehicle is a bonus. They really are handy when it comes to ‘seeing and being seen’ especially during the dangerous hours between dusk and dawn when lighting and visibility is a bit sketchy.

Whoever ventures off the beaten track must always be ready to face extremes. This applies to the driver as well as their equipment – and this is certainly true for lighting. Impaired functionality or failure due to stone impact, extreme humidity or mud should be the least of one’s concerns, and that is why HELLA is committed to the continued development of outstanding products to ensure you will be perfectly and safely equipped to overcome the most gruelling conditions. Throughout the automotive lighting world, LEDs are fast becoming the most popular choice for the adventure enthusiast due to their low power consumption, robust durability and that they pack an unrivalled ‘BIG, BRIGHT PUNCH’.

One of the latest additions to the HELLA Auxiliary Lighting range is the Valuefit 450 LED. These LED high beam headlamps feature a robust die-cast aluminium housing which is equipped with cooling fins for protection and extended life of the 15 light-intensive high-power LEDs resting in a full-surface, faceted reflector to ensure homogeneous illumination. What’s the cherry on top? Well, it’s the snugly fitted ‘LED Position’ or ‘daytime running light’, further securing your daylight safety while looking great on approach.

The HELLA Valuefit 450 LED high beam headlamp’s compact dimensions make it suitable for installation in even the smallest of spaces. The sturdy stainless-steel fastening brackets ensure an optimum vibration-proof fitment and allows for an easily adjustable tilt angle for upright or pendant mounting.

What’s more, they are road ready with ECE R10 and ECE R112 approval, making them the perfect alternative to the typical round auxiliary light. The HELLA ValueFit 450 LEDs boast a trendy rectangular design with a universal application to the vehicle of your choice, be it your 4×4 off-road bakkie or SUV, a haul truck or just an addition to your outdoor camping setup. This light is an effortless change from halogen to LED.

What’s in the box? 

The HELLA Valuefit 450 LED is available individually or in a set which includes two HELLA ValueFit 450 LED Lamps, two relays and the trusty HELLA Valuefit ‘ready to fit’ wiring harness. For extra protection, HELLA provides an additional option of black polycarbonate lens covers as well as amber tinted covers for those fog heavy and low visibility areas, available for purchase separately.

HELLA Auxiliary lights offer stability, resilience and legendary unparalleled lighting performance. They are continuously and systematically developed by HELLA’s lighting engineers to give you ‘Light you can rely on’.

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For more information on these great LED spots from HELLA, fill out the enquiry form below and one of their qualified staff will contact you regarding pricing, availability and delivery.

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