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Lime Light


It feels like just the other day that we were raving about HID auxiliary lights and their new technology. But, in no time at all, these powerful beams were comparatively dimmed as the limelight fell on another new lighting technology: LEDs.

Initially, LED spotlights were hugely expensive. Commonly marketed as NASA technology, it seemed that the only people who could afford LED spotlights were NASA themselves. But, as the technology became commonplace, their prices dropped. For example, a Road Rage LED light bar, with as much as 3 520 Lumens, can be purchased for as little as R3 895 (recommended retail price).

Until recently, all LED auxiliary lights shared a common feature: they projected their beams straight from the bulb, with no aid from a reflector. However, Hella have recently launched a unique reflector-based LED spotlight, known as the Luminator Compact LED.

Featuring a similar design to that of the Hella Luminator Xenon HID, the LED version boasts two powerful LEDs that are directed ‘backwards,’ bouncing their light off a reflector. The result is a highly focused beam reaching a distance of 570 metres. However, due to its fully symmetrical design, the reflector projects an acute beam that has almost no spread or diffusion beyond its narrow band of light. Of course, this feature allows the Luminator LED to reach an incredible distance with surprisingly little power – just 11 Watts and 650 Lumens. The downside is that there’s zero light on the road directly in front of you.