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Lumeno LED headlight kits light up your life!


Lumeno has long been a stalwart in the LED industry and with good reason  – their quality product range is unsurpassed in energy-saving design and functionality. In an ever-changing industry, the trend to replace vehicle globes with long-lasting LED equivalents has increased dramatically in recent years. LED replacement headlights come with myriad benefits, which are set out below.

  • Cost effectiveness

When you upgrade the existing lights on your vehicle to LEDs, there will be no need to fit extra spot lights or light bars to see properly because your LED headlights will do the job properly. Your LED headlights will also make you much more visible to other motorists.

  • Improved visibility

With a colour temperature of 6500K, the light beam is pure white and increases visibility tremendously when compared to standard factory fit halogen lights. LED headlights also provide improved night-time visibility, and this all has a big impact on safety, obviously decreasing the chances of collisions due to poor visibility. The safety of LED bulbs extends further and can be installed in brake-lights adding additional visibility. Since LED lights require less time to reach their full brightness, cars behind you will notice you’re breaking sooner, and thus react more rapidly — potentially helping avoid an accident. It has been proven that LEDs don’t influence other drivers in the way that normal headlights do, making LEDs a much more considerate option.

  • Extended lifespan

LEDs come with a standard 15 000 working hour usage indication, which means no gasses dissipate or wire filaments break over time. Simply, the LED provides consistent and reliable use. It is also important to note that these headlights are fully equipped with internal cooling fans that lessen the heat build-up of the device, which expand its usability in the long run.

Improved efficiency

These lights are up to 80% more efficient than old-school fluorescent and incandescent lights, with much more of their energy being used as light (and a lesser percentage being wasted as heat). The drain on your battery is therefore much less when lights are left on overnight or when lights are used while the engine is not running.

  • Simple fitment

The “plug-and-play” nature of the LED headlight kits means that it is not necessary for professionals to fit the lights. It can be done in about 20 minutes at home, which saves time and labour costs.

  • Various options

Not only can you replace headlight globes with LEDs but also all the other globes on your vehicle. As technology catches up, the new replacement globes come with CAN bus. A Controller Area Network is a robust vehicle bus standard designed to allow micro controllers and devices to communicate with each other’s applications without a host computer. Interior lights, break lights, reverse lights, park lights and fog lights can now be changed with a much smaller change of computer error on newer vehicles and older model vehicles tend not to have any problems with replacement globes.

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