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Multi-Tyre Inflator-Deflator

Multi-Tyre Inflator-Deflator


When hitting the trails, it’s often imperative to deflate your tyres to a variety of lower pressures to suit the terrain. Unfortunately, this is a real pain in the tube, especially when you have to pump each tyre back to the original pressure when returning to the bitumen.

The InDeflate system tries to take the pain out of this task, or at least some of the pain, by connecting two tyres together using hoses linked by a common valve. By opening the slide valve on the InDeflate unit, you can release air from two tyres simultaneously. Conversely, when the link valve is closed, a pump can be attached to the InDeflate which will pump up two tyres at once to the same pressure.

The whole contraption is made to an extremely high standard with an accurate pressure gauge, secure valve attachments and milled alloy touch points, like the slide valve that controls it all.

In our field test, we deflated a tyre from 2.3 bar to 1 bar at an average speed of two minutes per tyre, using the age-old ‘key in valve’ technique. That totals eight minutes of pure deflating time over four tyres. Using the InDeflate, which requires one to push and clip in a milled brass valve connector on each tyre, we managed a deflation run from 2.3 bar to 1 bar at a faster pace of one-and-a-half minutes for two tyres – or a total of just over three minutes to deflate all four tyres. That’s almost a five-minute saving – and a lot less crouching in the dirt.

When pumping the tyres back up again from 1 bar to 2.3 bar, we recorded less of a massive result, as our 160 litre/minute twin head compressor works at much the same speed whether pumping one tyre (2 minutes 12 secs) or two tyres simultaneously (3 minutes 6 seconds). Even so, the convenience of using the InDeflate to measure pressures and inflate two tyres at the same time was doubly appreciated.

Would we recommend this product? If you rarely go off-road and only need to deflate/inflate on the odd occasion, then no.

But for the frequent off-roader, or one who typically travels in convoy, this high-quality product is one that will surely provide years of service, and save you hours in the long run. Even better, it’s all made and assembled right here in South Africa, including all the milled components. – AM

Price: R1 685 (excluding shipping costs to your front door)
Email: johan[at]