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PRODUCT FEATURE – Bushtech Aluminium Canopies


Any experienced overlander will tell you that to get the most of your bakkie’s storage capabilities, you need a canopy. But you don’t just throw on any canopy, you need one that is built for purpose with the features to suit your needs, able to adapt to different scenarios and build quality that will withstand the test of time.

So, what makes a great camping or overlanding canopy? We interview Darren Knight, owner of Bushtech Canopies to find out why their products are the canopies of choice for many South African’s.

“At Bushtech Aluminium Canopies and 4×4 Accessories, we understand the importance of quality, reliability, and modularity. That is why our aluminium canopies are manufactured with ease of use and durability in mind. Not only are our canopies strong – load tested up to 2.5 tonnes, ensuring that any rooftop accessory can be used with complete peace of mind – they are modular too, meaning that accessories such as carpeted cupboards and ammo box slides can clip in and out of the canopy in minutes.”

“When you choose any Bushtech product you can be sure that you are investing for the long-term. Not only do we offer a 10-year warranty on the canopy frame, but we also continue to support our customers with a yearly service, completely free of charge. With over 25 years of experience in the automotive and 4×4 industry, we use our expertise to advise on the best setups for individual customer needs.”

“As avid 4×4 enthusiasts ourselves, we have tested our products in the field to make sure that you can set up camp, a workstation, or whatever you may need wherever you are, easily and quickly. Our canopies come standard with specialized gullwing doors featuring reinforced bracings and triple bends to prevent flex on corrugated roads. The gas struts and locks are mounted onto the internal door frame, providing superior strength, and sealing abilities – creating a completely dust-free and waterproof canopy. The canopy is mounted to the vehicle using a bracket or bolt-on system, which is dependent on the vehicle and can be fitted to most vehicle brands.”

“All doors have pre-laser cut slots for electrical cables for lights and more, so no drilling or gluing is required. The canopy comes standard with a pressure equalizer vent and can be accessed from inside the cab through a cab slider. Positive pressure vents can be added as an option if animals or people are transported in the canopy. Sliding windows for the side doors are also available as an option and are ideal when transporting your furry friends, plus they improve visibility.”

“Bushtech canopies are fitted with large pressure lever locks with UV stabilised lock rubbers and dome headlock adjustors. All of our canopies come standard with a custom suspension base rubber, specifically designed for chassis movement and to absorb heavy loads on the canopy and load box itself. Automotive sealing rubbers are placed on the door and not the frame, preventing them from being damaged when loading and offloading goods, as well as excellent dust sealing. Our canopies are fitted with European-spec continuous hinges to prevent water from entering the canopy when the doors are opened.”

“Bushtech canopies come standard with roof rails with mounting points for all the Bushtech accessories and most aftermarket accessories. Accessories range from ammo box holders, rifle boxes, and internal jerry can/water tank holders to false floors, drawer systems, and fully kitted kitchen cupboards. With many options to choose from, you can design a setup that suits your specific needs and change up as your needs do over the years.”

This great video below gives you an in-depth visual walkthrough going over some of the key features that sets the Bushtech canopy apart from its competition.

The key selling point of Bushtech canopies are the modularity, as you can go from barebones layout for maximum storage space, to a fully kitted out overlanding rig with kitchen units and ammo boxes in minutes. Perfect for getting the vehicle ready for an impromptu weekend trip in an afternoon.

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For that reason alone, Bushtech canopies gets a resounding recommendation from all of us here at SA4x4. And we’ve personally tested it!

Plus, to make things easy for you to get in touch with them for pricing, availability, warranties or product extras – simply fill in your details below. We’ll send this directly to the Bushtech canopies head office for their attention.

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