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12 Month Subscription

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South African Subscriptions

12 issues of SA4x4 Magazine R359
12 issues of SA4x4 Magazine + Padkos Bag R560
Just the gear – Padkos Bag (Must include subscription) R200
12 issues of SA4x4 Magazine + Limited Edition cap R559
Just the gear – Cap (Must include subscription) R199
12 issues of SA4x4 Magazine + Sunglasses R510
Just the gear – Sunglasses (Must include subscription) R150
24 issues of SA4x4 Magazine R680

Price includes monthly delivery

International Subscriptions

12 Issues to Namibia R540
12 Issues to Botswana R550
12 Issues to Lesotho R1320
12 Issues to Swaziland R810
12 Issues to North America R1135
12 Issues to Europe R1145
12 Issues to Rest of the World R1320

Price includes monthly delivery

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