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4Terrain Heavy Duty is a tough, no-nonsense clutch upgrade designed for hardworking vehicles.

4Terrain Heavy Duty (4THD) clutch systems are engineered to handle loads of torque. 4THD leaves standard and inferior heavy-duty clutches behind.
The 4Terrain Heavy Duty clutch is built to endure the rugged demands of workhorse vehicles. A logical choice for those who demand relentless reliability.
The 4Terrain Heavy Duty is ideal for applications where the standard clutch is stressed beyond typical daily driving conditions.

Such activities include:

• Towing
• Engine modification
• Delivery driving
• Trade or commercial use cover assembly.

4THD systems feature increased clamp load (typically 20%) over original equipment specification. Further torque gains come from the Patented Spheroidal Graphite Iron (SG Iron) ER2 grooved pressure plate.

This groove has been specifically designed to increase the Mean Effective Radius of the pressure plate and assist in heat removal. The increase in the Mean Effective Radius of the cover assembly gives a significant increase in torque capacity. The 4Terrain Heavy Duty Clutch system is built to endure the rugged demands of 4×4 vehicles. 4THD is a logical choice for anyone who demands relentless reliability.

4Terrain Ultimate featuring:

• High Clamp Cover assembly
• Terrain Control Disc with dual friction material that
• increases torque capacity and reduces clutch fade
• SG Iron anti burst pressure plate
• ER2 grooved pressure plate for greater torque
• capacity and increased heat dissipation
• Spigot Bearing & Alignment tool
• 3 Years/50,000km warranty

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