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Brown Davis Long-Range Fuel Tanks



Expand your overland adventures with the best in long-range fuel storage solutions.

Established excellence

Hailing from Australia, Brown Davis boasts a 30-year legacy as a driving force in the automotive industry, renowned for crafting long-range fuel tanks that stand the test of time.

A conversation starter

Brown Davis is quickly becoming the talk of the town, captivating overland and adventure enthusiasts. This has also become a brand name discussed around the campfire in avid overlanding communities.

Exclusive importer

Safari Centre Cape Town proudly presents the Brown Davis series of long-range fuel tanks, under-body protection, and fuel filters, making them your trusted source for these top-notch products.

Precision in design

Brown Davis, a respected aftermarket auxiliary fuel tank manufacturer, engineers tanks with precision, maximising your overlander’s fuel-carrying capacity.

Click on the video below to see these Brown Davis Fuel Tanks in action and what else they have in store for you:

Fuel your adventures with these benefits and features:

  • Substantial fuel capacity: Installing a Brown Davis Long-Range Tank unlocks an incredible boost in fuel capacity, extending your travel range significantly.
  • Tailored to your vehicle: With options for both replacement and auxiliary tanks, each designed to fit specific vehicles, you’ll enjoy expanded fuel storage without compromise.
  • The freedom to roam: With this enhanced capacity, you’re all set for long-distance travel, remote expeditions, or any adventure where refuelling options are scarce.
  • Savings on the horizon: Fill up now and save on fuel costs for the long term, ensuring your wallet stays happy on every journey.

For all your enquiries about Brown Davis products, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. Your next adventure begins here.

Please use the enquiry form below for more information on these Brown Davis Long-Range Fuel Tanks, including online ordering, specifications, sizes, costs, or applications. A member of the Cape Town Safari Centre team is standing by to assist you with all your needs and requirements. Alternatively, feel free to contact them directly on 021 595 3910.

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