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Deluxe hammock seat cover



A man can love many things, but surely his car and his dogs have to be up there in the top five? Unfortunately, the latter often pose a substantial threat to the former, in the shape of poop, pee, scratches, and a never-ending supply of dog hair.

There are a couple of solutions out on the market these days, but this hammock caught my eye for its ingenuity and simplicity. By transforming your back seat into an allencompassing dog bed, it protects your upholstery while simultaneously keeping your four-pawed pals away from the rest of the vehicle.

It’s not just a cosmetic solution, it’s a safety one, as well. My dogs take every opportunity to hop on my lap, even when I’m driving. With the hammock, they’re confined to the back. Thanks to two adjustable harnesses, they can’t jump over, either.

The product itself measures 1.4 x 1.6m, so it’ll fit in most cars, and it’s made from anti-static Cordura fabric, which means it is both durable and machine washable. It fastens around four headrests using conventional plastic buckles, while two seatbelt attachments clip straight into your back seat, keeping the whole thing securely in place.

Full disclosure: my dogs are naughty. They love having the windows down, but they’ll jump out at a red traffic light to chase a squirrel. The harness gives me absolute peace-ofmind that the two scoundrels can’t go anywhere until we arrive at the park.

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