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Discover EV27A-A (12V 100AH dry cell AGM battery from Enertec



Discover® DRY CELL batteries outperform traditional Flooded, AGM, and Gel deep-cycle batteries in demanding traction applications. The batteries are designed to deliver a long runtime, high operating current, and withstand deep discharge.

The EV27A-A battery has a higher voltage retention and a quicker recharge time than standard lead-acid batteries, while also boasting a higher cycle life. Specific charge algorithms are also available that support optimal battery performance and longevity.

Enertec Batteries has paired you with a battery that handles partial state-of-charge operation much better than other lead-acid types. It accepts charge faster and holds its voltage for longer periods, which is a great feature to have when overlanding. Get longer run times in the bush and recover your battery quicker when you are relying on the short and unpredictable amount of time you have to recharge your battery.

For more information and pricing on the Enertec range, simply fill in the short enquiry form below and they will get hold of you directly with delivery and purchase options. 
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