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Gasket Magic – Your Quick, Easy, Affordable, and Ultimate Solution to a Blown Gasket and More!



Say goodbye to relentless overheating, exorbitant repair bills, and frequent trips to your mechanic. Say hello to Gasket Magic – your golden ticket to worry-free, affordable, and straightforward vehicle maintenance.

How does Gasket Magic Work?

The process is simple: pour the solution into your vehicle’s cooling system, let the car idle for approximately 20 to 30 minutes, and repeat this twice and hit the road. No mechanical expertise is necessary. Allow your vehicle to idle until the engine reaches its operating temperature. When your engine’s thermostat opens, and the coolant reaches the correct temperature, Gasket Magic takes action. This chemical formula solution circulates through your system, identifying and addressing the issue.

Click on the video below to see firsthand how this amazing product works:

It forms a cohesive, non-corrosive bond with the metal in the area where your head gasket may be leaking. Remarkably, it can also seal cracked heads or blocks, as well as welsh plugs, depending on the size of the leak and the material involved. Plus, it boasts a long-lasting effect that can endure for years. It’s not a mere suspension with particles that might obstruct holes; it’s a scientifically proven solution. Typically, a four-cylinder engine requires only half a bottle of Gasket Magic, while larger engines need a full bottle. Remember never to add Gasket Magic to your oil.

Gasket Magic is a proudly South African-manufactured product that has put thousands of vehicles back on the road. Specifically designed to repair a blown head gasket, it is suitable for all water-cooled engine systems on cars, trucks, 4×4’s, motorbikes, tractors, etc., be they petrol, diesel, turbocharged, or aluminium engines.

Our product is a price-conscious and effective mid-term solution for vehicles in need of head gasket sealing. It seals BLOWN HEAD GASKETS, CRACKS in minutes and possibly even WELSH PLUGS.

  • Don’t spend thousands on mechanical repairs just do it yourself in just 20 minutes.
  • 500 ml easy-pour bottle, sufficient for 8-cylinder motors
  • Will not clog radiator, thermostat or heater-cores
  • Works on chemical reactions, not particles, to block leaks
  • Available directly from most reputable retailers, spare shops, online trade and manufacturer’s online shop

In summary, the product’s unique features and benefits include:

  • Ultra cost-effective solution
  • Easy DIY application
  • Extended engine life and long-term fix
  • Suitable for various water cooled vehicles
  • Money-saving alternative to mechanic visits
  • No engine clogging
  • Proven 11-year track record
  • Ideal for overlanders and 4x4s

What are the tell-tale signs of a blown gasket?

  • Water in oil or vice versa
  • Abnormal bubbling or increased pressure in the radiator
  • Milky, frothy, or brown oil
  • Unusual emissions, like water, steam, or white smoke during startup
  • Frequent engine overheating
  • Constantly refilling coolant due to loss
  • Engine misfiring
  • Oily, blackened, or dirty spark plugs
  • Reduced engine power
  • Water or coolant seeping from the engine block or a cracked head
  • Unusual smells, such as water or steam from your interior fan

Remember, not all symptoms may occur together, and their severity can vary. If you suspect a blown gasket, seek professional assistance promptly to prevent further engine damage.

Proudly crafted in South Africa since 2012, this innovative product has supported thousands of vehicle owners, revitalising their cherished rides. Gasket Magic is your go-to solution for water-cooled engine systems in automobiles, trucks, 4x4s, motorcycles, tractors, and more, regardless of your fuel type or engine build.

No more waiting at the mechanic’s shop; this product offers a straightforward four-step application process that anyone can master. No fancy tools or special skills are required. Unlike traditional fixes relying on particles, Gasket Magic employs state-of-the-art chemical reactions to seal leaks efficiently without clogging crucial components like thermostats, radiators, or heater cores. It doesn’t just provide a quick patch; it offers a lasting solution that can extend your engine’s lifespan for years. It shields against blown head gaskets, fractures, and even those tricky welsh plug problems.

By choosing Gasket Magic, you’re not just saving your vehicle – you’re safeguarding your hard-earned Rands too. Say farewell to the sky-high costs of mechanical repairs and hit the road with confidence. This tried and tested product is your ultimate travel companion. Conquer rugged terrains with peace of mind, knowing that Gasket Magic has your back, wherever your adventures lead.

Prepare to transform your vehicle maintenance experience. Look no further than this groundbreaking product. Become one of their countless satisfied customers who have already witnessed the magic firsthand. Don’t let engine troubles keep you grounded. Join the Gasket Magic network and experience the transformation yourself. Bid adieu to overheating and welcome carefree travels and substantial savings. Experience the difference today because your ride deserves nothing but the best. Seize this chance to rescue both your vehicle and your wallet!

Priced from R299 at the time of publishing.

You may contact Gasket Magic during office hours directly on 021 852 3220 or WhatsApp them on 072 908 3223 for WhatsApp or text messages only.

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Alternatively, for more information on this amazing product, including online ordering, specifications, costs, or applications, please use the enquiry form below. A member of their team is ready to assist you with all your needs and requirements.

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