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Ironman 4×4 120W solar mat kit and portable power pack



This lightweight 120W solar mat consists of six 20W monocrystalline C60 solar cells that fold down to a compact 40 x 30cm size, encased in a hardy protective case with a carry handle.

These SunPower cells claim a power conversion rate of 22.5%, moderated by a 12V digital, five-stage 15A PWM (pulse width modulated) weatherproof controller. It is supplied with 50A heavy-duty Anderson-style plugs, a 5m twincore extension lead and 0.8m connector lead with battery clamps, making it ideal for four-wheeling, caravanning and camping as a means to charge a 12V battery.

It is best bought along with Ironman 4×4’s 44 Amp Portable Power Pack, which enables you to charge mobile devices and run a 12V DC fridge and lights.

It has a robust ABS housing with integrated folding handle, and offers multiple charging input options: 240V AC, 12V DC via a cigarette lighter socket and merit socket, as well as solar via an Anderson plug. It features a 5V USB port, digital voltage and amperage meters, and individual input on/off switches with LED indicators.

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