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Ironman 4×4 large recovery kit



If you’re serious about adventure, you know that you have no choice but to own a recovery kit. This one is one of the best, and is designed to cater for even the most heavily-loaded overland trucks.

The large kit complies with Australian Standards and comes with everything you’ll need for a recovery. Ironman 4×4 also offers a smaller recovery kit that does without the chain, amongst other things, and retails for R2395. All parts are available separately from Ironman 4×4, along with a large range of other 4×4-related products ranging from winches to air bags.

In the bag:

The kit includes a 9m, 8000kg snatch strap, a 20m, 4500kg winch extension, a 3m, 12 000kg tree-trunk protector, a drag chain, two 4.7 ton-rated bow shackles, a snatch block, leather gloves and a carry bag.

This kit is designed to cater for all recovery and winching needs.

Comply’s with Australian Standards and field tested for real-life recovery situations.

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