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Jack Buddy 5T 12V Electric Floor Jack



If you’re someone who frequently embarks on long drives or road trips, then having a reliable roadside emergency kit is an absolute must. And if you’re in search of the ultimate emergency kit, then the Combo 2 in 1 Electric Hydraulic Jack with Inflatable Pump and Electric Impact Wrench is definitely worth considering.

This kit includes a powerful 5 ton jack with a lifting range of 6.1 inches to 17.1 inches, as well as a 340N·M electric impact wrench with 4 sizes of sleeves. Additionally, it works with your vehicle’s 12V power outlet and comes equipped with built-in safety devices to ensure your protection while using it.

Whether you encounter a flat tire, need to change your oil, or require any other kind of roadside assistance, this comprehensive emergency kit has got you covered.


  • The Electric Hydraulic Jack: is used to lift the car that is in need of rescue.
  • Usage of impact wrench, unscrew the nuts with ease.
  • Air pump: to fill up the deflated tyre to bring it back to life.
  • Major light/ Torch: This light is mainly used during the nighttime or in a dark space with limited light.
  • With this tool kit you are able to switch on your major light and use it when needed.
  • Warning light: This light is different from the one mentioned above it is used for safety measures, to ensure the safety of the user

The video below gives a short demonstration of how quick and efficient the electric Jack Buddy really is:

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