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Mojave 360 – 30A MPPT – Camping Solar Kit



The new product generation from Flexopower: modern, durable and powerful
The Mojave 360W solar kit with MPPT to sustain heavy loads during long periods

  • 3rd generation US solar cell has the highest solar absorption of crystalline solar cells, delivering maximum output in its class
  • Contains neither glass nor Aluminium, so no breakage and stifling stiffness
  • Supporting legs tilt solar panel at 45° angle cells for increased solar harvesting during mornings and late afternoons
  • High-speed MPPT solar charger ensures maximum solar yield
  • Easy to fit in a fully packed vehicle
  • User-friendly and so light-weight a nine-year-old boy can carry with ease
  • Each solar panel has its own unique serial number for quality assurance and traceability
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty on solar panels
  • 25 years power on cells

Application 2 Week+ In Camp
Strategy Park in Shade, Panel in the Sun
Content – 3 x 120 Watt Solar Panels Foldable
– 3 x 10m Cable Set with Connectors
– 30A MPPT Solar regulator
– Original Anderson SB50 Grey Connectors
Rated Output, STC 360 Watt
Max. Operating Voltage 19.8 V
Operating Current 18.3 A
Dimension Folded 560 x 440 x 20 mm
Dimension Deployed 1550 x 560 x 1 mm
Weight 3.6 kg x 3
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