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Osram Tyre Inflators – vehicle safety on the go!



Tyre care: Handling the pressure of tyre maintenance
Whether you’re road-tripping with friends, taking a family vacation, or simply driving from A to B – proper tyre care can help keep you safer on the road. Too many motorists ignore the risks of driving with poorly inflated tyres.

The reality is, under-inflation causes tread to wear faster and overheat while too much air reduces traction. In both cases, your chances of having a blow-out are significantly higher.


Don’t let a flat tyre spoil your fun. With our new range of premium quality tyre care products, you’ll get the optimum performance from your tyres, even in tough conditions. Check, inflate and seal tyres, wherever and whenever you need to. And enjoy optimal handling, better fuel economy, and longer tread life with our wide selection of pressure gauges, pumps and sealant kits. Whatever lies ahead, be road ready.


Cord length: 3.5m
Air hose length: 70cm
Max Pressure – up to 5.5 Bar
For use with car, small van, 4X4, large van, trailer
Adaptors for balls, air mattress, bike
Polarity protection
Power 12V
2 year guarantee


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Whether you’re an avid car enthusiast who loves to get your hands dirty or you just want to maintain your vehicle, you’ll find what you need in our portfolio. From our entry level options to professional tools and devices, every product is built with the quality you’d expect from OSRAM.

Wherever you are, wherever you’re going – be road ready!

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