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Snake Tongs and Snake Hook



The African Snakebite Institute is one of SA’s top affiliate contributors for the preservation and identification of snakes and reptiles in Southern Africa.

If you visit their website, you’ll see a plethora of information on everything you need to know about snake discovery, removals and relocation.

Below are details on one of their best-selling products for snake catching and handling.

Best-selling products

  1. Snake Tongs (JM150)
  2. 1.2m Collapsible Snake Hook

The JM150 Snake Tong is the newest addition to their extensive range of quality snake tongs. The 1.5 m tongs are by far our most popular snake tong for both discerning corporate and private clients. This tong is ideal for removing large problem snakes, especially on mines, game farms and game lodges. The extra 50 cm (compared with the JM100) keeps the snake further away from the handler and is thus far safer and easier to use. This is the preferred tool for beginner or novice snake catchers.

The ASI Collapsible Snake Hook 1.2 m is made from industrial aluminium and tested to lift up to 4 kg. It has a stainless steel hook and measures 72 centimetres when collapsed and 123 centimetres when extended. This is an essential tool for the use of proper snake handling

Other products and services offered by the African Snakebite Institute:

  • Public, private and corporate courses
  • Snake identification
  • First aid for snakebite information
  • Free posters
  • Snake Profiles for Southern African Snakes
  • Product packages and combos for snake capture

For product orders or more information on these products please use the Enquiry form below:

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