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TMCS Bushy Rhino Ranger



Length: 3 200mm
Width: 1 820mm
Height: 1 600mm
Axle type: 45 square Unbraked
Suspension type: 8-element spring blade
Wheel size: 15-inch
Track width: 1 610mm (Centre to Centre)
Net weight: 444kg
GVM: 750kg

Equipment list standard: Rhino 4×4 coupler, 48mm single jockey wheel, 1 500kg unbraked axle, roof rack rails, side door, full-length rear door, 15-inch rims with Goodyear Wrangler tyres, bolt-on nosecone, 1.6mm mild steel body fully powder coated.


Are there any unique design and special features you can tell us about? The Bushy Rhino Ranger is a solidly built trailer. The big rectangular main compartment ensures optimal use of space and does not limit you with empty corners. It comes standard with the Rhino 4×4 coupler and this trailer will follow you everywhere and anywhere you decide to take it with the peace of mind of knowing that it will not detach in those tight off-road situations.

What construction methods are used in your trailer? The main body is constructed from 1.6mm mild steel sheet metal that is lazered, bent and rolled to ensure optimal strength for rough African terrains. A panel assembly ensures that all areas can be powder coated, thus reducing rust. Panels are mono-bolted together, which keeps the panels secure and they are given a dust-tight seal.

What axle and suspension types are utilized on your trailer? We use a standard 45 SQUARE unbraked axle supplied by Roadque Pretoria, with an 8-blade leaf spring setup. This strong locally manufactured axle gives you the confidence to take this trailer anywhere.

What sets your trailers apart from the rest? Price, price, price… coupled with premium quality and a go-anywhere attitude. This exceptionally well-built trailer, manufactured with attention to detail, puts us in the higher-end markets – but believing in customer satisfaction and a premium quality product at affordable prices changes the game completely.

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