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TuffAnt offers original 18″ steel rims for Land Rovers




TuffAnt makes its South Africa debut! TuffAnt loves their Disco 4 (and Land Rovers in general). But sadly, like most owners have found, a distinct lack of suitable 19″ tyres have left them wanting more.

Above is the tyre and rim size comparison showing much more tyre on the TuffAnt rim.

What was required was a wheel and tyre combination to match the amazing technical ability of the Disco in all the tough off-road conditions that came its way.

The solution was a properly engineered 18″ steel rim that would suit Disco 4’s without breaking the bank or requiring any spacers or vehicle modifications. The TuffAnt Original Steelie was brought into being, launching first in Australia, then progressively venturing into new terrains such as USA, UK, EU and Canada. We are very excited to now be in South Africa and delivery is nationwide.

Have a look at the video below!

Landrover Discovery 4 comes standard with 19″ rims and tyres which are not ideal for 4×4 and overlanding trips. This is where TuffAnt comes to the fore with their range of steel rims. The problem with fitting an 18″ rim to the Discovery series Land Rovers is that most 18″ rims don’t fit over the brake caliper.

Current products are:

  • 44 offset for Land Rover Discovery 4  (fits over brake caliper)
  • 27 offset for Land Rover Discovery 5 (fits over brake caliper)

The Discovery 3 has a smaller brake caliper and TuffAnt has steel rims for this model too. So, Land Rover owners are now covered for 18′ rims for their vehicles. With the new TuffAnt steel rims, Land Rover owners have a whole lot more rim choice and some great off-road fun.

For more information on these recommended 4×4 rims, including pricing, availability, delivery or additional information – please use the contact form below. A member of the TuffAnt team will respond to your enquiry.

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