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Wireless Handheld Air Pump from Opposite Lock



Introducing the new go-to Wireless Air Pump, your ultimate solution for inflating everything from tyres to sports balls, to air mattresses and even other inflatables. Available at Opposite Lock, one of the leading suppliers of 4×4 and 4WD accessories, this versatile device is designed to meet your needs with ease and efficiency. Perfect for both emergencies and everyday tasks, the Wireless Air Pump ensures you’re always prepared.

Click on the video below to see this ingenious wireless handheld tyre compressor in action:

6 Distinct benefits and features that make the Wireless Air Pump an essential tool:

  1. Inflate Anything in Minutes: This powerful wireless air pump can quickly and efficiently inflate a variety of items. Whether you need to pump up car tyres, bicycle tyres, or sports equipment, this pump gets the job done in minutes, saving you time and effort. With its precise PSI settings, it automatically shuts off when the desired pressure is reached.
  2. Completely Portable: Designed for on-the-go use, the wireless air pump is lightweight and compact, making it convenient to carry and store. It fits easily in your car, backpack, or large glove box, and includes a travel bag, nozzles, and chargers for added convenience.
  3. Powerful Air Compression: Despite its compact size, this wireless air pump boasts powerful air compression capabilities, handling high-pressure inflation tasks with ease. It’s suitable for a wide range of applications, from vehicle tyres to inflatable boats.
  4. Rechargeable: Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the wireless air pump eliminates the need for disposable batteries. A single charge provides enough power for multiple small inflation tasks, ensuring you’re always ready.
  5. Built-in LED Flashlight: The built-in LED flashlight is perfect for emergencies or low-light conditions, featuring a red SOS function. Whether you’re inflating a tyre at night or need light to see, this feature adds extra utility to the pump.
  6. Power Bank Functionality: USB port for charging your phone in the event of an emergency – this is also ideal for use during power outages.

The Wireless Air Pump is an essential tool for anyone needing reliable and portable air compression. Its compact design and user-friendly features make it a versatile addition to your toolkit, whether you’re at home or on the road.

Don’t get caught unprepared on your next adventure. Equip yourself with this powerful, portable, and practical air pump today from Opposite Lock.

For more information, including online ordering, specifications, sizes, costs, or applications, please use the enquiry form below. A member of their team is standing by to assist you with all your needs and requirements. Alternatively, you can call Opposite Lock on 011 697 0001.

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