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Recently launched international 4×4 suspension brand gets rave reviews – RAW 4X4


Internationally acclaimed suspension brand, Raw 4×4’s recent launch in South Africa has 4×4 enthusiasts raving. The Raw 4×4 range, boasting heavy-duty shock absorbers, coil and leaf springs, polyurethane bushes and torsion bars are designed and tested in Australia, which is known for its diverse and demanding terrain.

Locally the suspensions have been put to the test too.  Toyota FJ Cruiser driver, Kevin Louw decided to fit Raw 4×4 after measuring it up against competitors. “I researched many suspension brands and their performance aspects, but was most impressed with Raw 4×4 after seeing its incredible performance on 4wheel Drive Action, a 4×4 TV show in Australia,” he said. “The first thing I noticed after getting the kit fitted was the excellent road-holding, cornering and the minimal body roll. I went with the harder coil-base and was initially concerned that it might be a harder ride but was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it was.”

Matthew Dookoo chose Raw 4×4 for his Toyota Hilux Vigo because of the “better build quality compared to other brands in the market”. “I spent a year on research before I made my decision. With the RAW pedigree, coming from the stable of a truck suspension manufacturer, I knew that Raw 4×4’s quality would be nothing short of robust and over engineered.”

Dookoo said his driving experience has greatly improved. “Towing heavy trailers and caravans does not make the bakkie’s nose feel like it is in the air and I feel in total control of the vehicle. Stability at speed is also greatly improved and the bakkie just seems a lot more sure-footed than I expected, both on and off the road.”

Raw 4×4 has a suspension solution for most of SA’s 4WD range. Louis Fourie, General Manager of Suspension Solutions at G.U.D. Holdings, encourages enthusiasts to equip their 4WD vehicle with the right suspension components for optimal performance. “If you are considering fitting load bearing aftermarket accessories, travelling prolonged periods on corrugated roads or just want to improve the performance of your 4WD vehicle, I recommend upgrading your suspension to suit your needs. The RAW 4×4 range has a solution for you,” he said.

To help you build the perfect kit for your 4W driving experience RAW 4×4 have an online kit builder It has been specifically designed to allow you to tailor make your suspension kit based on the accessories that are fitted to your vehicle such as bull bars, canopies and drawer systems. Once you have entered all your vehicle specifications simply click on the “Get a Quote” button at the bottom of the page and our sales team will contact you to discuss.

RAW 4×4 is distributed by the G.U.D. Holdings group which includes automotive brands such as  GUD Filters, Safeline Brake Pads, Indy Oil, Fram Filters and Holts that are known for their quality and performance.

For more information and to order your very own RAW 4X4 accessories, simply fill in the enquiry form below and a representative will get hold of you with pricing and fitment details.

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