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Smartspace Cookware – Get Camping Smart


Outdoor cooking demands a special kind of rugged pot. It needs to be versatile, easy to clean, and have the ability to take repeated knocks when being transported. On top of that, the pot or pan must take up the minimum of space and be as light as possible.

• Heavy-duty cast aluminium construction
• Three pots nest inside the other, using less space
• Removeable handle and square design for ease of packing

Most hikers will talk up their feather light set of stacking titanium thimbles; but, when you are in a vehicle, and cooking for four or more people, your priorities are different. That’s where the Smartspace Cookware range enters the frame. We recently field-tested the 10-piece Stackable Pot Set, and the Smartspace Frypan, which are of heavy-duty cast aluminium construction (with 3mm walls), and feature a sturdy non-stick Teflon surface coating.

There are several things that stand out about this cookware range. First off, the three pots in the set nest one inside the other, taking up less space. Secondly, the entire range has a squared off design, so you can effectively fit bigger pots on a two-burner gas stove; and, importantly, they make the best possible use of packing space when stored.

They feature a very strongly constructed removable handle, which appears to be made out of weapons-grade stainless steel and plastic. Pull the handle, and it clips onto a recess built into the sides of each pot; and remove the handle easily later with the push of a button. Again, being able to remove the handle means a smaller packing footprint, and one handle can be used for a number of pots. Each pot or pan is supplied with a silicone pad, to prevent the Teflon layer from being rubbed off when it is being transported.

These also serve as table/surface protectors when the pots are hot. In addition, and available as an optional extra for both the pot set and frypan, is a strong Ripstop canvas travel bag with a large-gauge zip, a carry handle and a padded interior. These are worth the investment, and will ensure that the pots last and are fully protected from the usual beating they receive when thrown about inside a vehicle. Worth mentioning is that the Smartspace cookware can handle any kind of heat source: that from induction stoves, electric stoves, ovens, gas − and even the heat of a fire. The stainless-steel lids have a steam escape valve, and that was my only concern: these are held in place with machine screws.

A dab of Loctite could come in handy here. The pots were a pleasure to use: they had lots of cooking volume, food did not stick, and the square corners made it easy to pour liquids and dish out grub. It was easy to get complex meals together, as one pot was being used to assemble meals over the gas while another simmered near the fire, and another was being used to boil water. The range is not cheap, but offers great convenience, a small packing footprint, and the promise of longevity.

Smartspace Cookware Stacking Pots


Pot sizes: 1.4 litre (16cm),
1.9l (18.5cm),
2.8l (21cm)
Number of pieces:
(3 pots, 3 lids, 3 silicone mats,
1 handle)

Smartspace Cookware Frypan


Size: 21.5 x 25 x 5.5cm
Number of pieces:
(Frypan, handle, silicone mat)

For more information about Smartspace Cookware, including sales, enquiries & orders kindly use the enquiry form below and a member of our team shall respond at our soonest availability.

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