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SnoMaster launches SA’s first fridge/freezer SMDZ-LS21 with heating function review by SA4x4


We simply loved this new offering from SnoMaster – their 21L portable fridge/freezer with new heating function. Yes, you heard it here first, as we had access to the very first test unit to grace South African shores. This new model is set to be launched by SnoMaster at the Caravan Show on the 24 – 26 February 2023. It is a unique product, as it functions as a portable fridge/freezer (-22°C to 10°C) but it also has a heating function (10°C to 60°C) so you can freeze goods, keep cuisine cool and even warm food up. That’s a first!

On our day out in the field with the new SnoMaster, we utilized it as a freezer, fridge and heating unit. The benefit of appraising such a multi-functional unit is that we were the beneficiaries of frozen ice cream, cold meats and dips and warm pies and croissants that were decked out with some delicious toppings. That’s hot and cold versatility in our book!

This new portable fridge/freezer with heating function will open the door to new markets and solve a multitude of portable refrigeration/heating problems. The versatility of the SMDZ-LS21 allows the customer the flexibility of storing and transporting food and beverages, either keeping them cool at the required temperature, keeping foods frozen or keeping food warm. A fridge/freezer that heats too!

Due to its 12V/24V capabilities, the SnoMaster SMDZ-LS21 can easily be used in vehicles via the 12V connector, plugged into an inverter or a normal grid-based power source.

Features of the SnoMaster SMDZ-LS21:
Fridge/freezer temperatures: -22°c to 10°C
Heater temperatures: 10°C to 60°C
Self-closing lid
Can/bottle divider
Smart touch screen with high speed/low speed settings
12V socket with DC 15Amp fuse
Robust retractable magnetic handles
Interior LED light with lid open alarm
SnoMaster 45W compressor
Colour: black
Child lock
Eco mode freeze
Eco mode heat

The new SMDZ-LS21 extends the SnoMaster pedigree of quality and reliability of its 12V portable fridge/freezers by now adding a ‘heating’ function to their 21L portable fridge/freezer. This unit will be ideally suited to a combined male and female audience. It is as much at home in a family SUV as it will be in an off-road or camping environment.

We found the SMDZ-LS21 to be aesthetically pleasing in design, easy to use and incredibly portable. Even a troop of local baboons couldn’t take their eyes off the SnoMaster. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration; the baboons were more interested in the hot and cold buffet that kept on appearing, as if by magic, from the SnoMaster fridge/freezer with heating function. We eventually had to chase them away as they were getting too close for comfort.

The SnoMaster has a robust build quality, yet it is easily portable and we had no problem moving it from the picnic table to the back of the bakkie. We used a small inverter to power the unit while we enjoyed our day, and then moved it into the back of the bakkie and plugged it into the 12 volt socket before making our way back to the office.

As most South Africans have a love for the outdoors, the SnoMaster SMDZ-LS21 is set to become an integral part of their outdoor gear and accessory requirements. It will also be well suited to keep kids lunches warm during the school run. Given the versatility of this unit, we foresee it becoming a permanent feature in the boot of many a SUV and of course for use during off-road, camping and caravanning holidays. It’s that flexible!

What’s the new SnoMaster demographic?
This unit will also appeal to the male and female “Weekend Warriors” who occasionally go camping or on holiday, driving either a sedan or small SUV. They take regular excursions with the family and would regularly use the SMDZ-LS21 for the day or weekend to pack hot meals for themselves and the family or keep beverages cold in the car.

Warranty & service:
3 year warranty on the unit
7 year warranty on the compressor
1 year warranty on all parts not listed

The SMDZ-LS21 is suited to those who lead active lifestyles encompassing mountain biking, running, golfing and camping. It also doubles as the perfect storage for weekly shopping, ensuring it either is kept frozen, cold or heated.

The SnoMaster, like other portable fridge/freezers needs to be plugged into a power source to maintain its heating or cooling temperature. We used a small inverter to power the unit for the day.

Tale of the tape
The SnoMaster SMDZ-LS21 portable fridge/freezer with heating function is designed to fit a varied customer lifestyle. It is robust, lightweight and its portability simply adds to its desirability. We found it incredibly easy to use, fulfilling multiple needs. Would we add the SnoMaster SMDZ-LS21 one to our inventory for use in the field? That’s a resounding yes!

Height: 320mm
Width: 610mm
Depth: 297mm
Gross unit weight: 15kg

The verdict
SnoMaster is renowned for its quality, reliability and after-sales service and adding the SnoMaster SMDZ-LS21  with heating function to its range is going to be a game changer. The Snomaster LMDZ-LS21 is perfectly suited to all overlanding and 4×4 enthusiasts. Its also a great companion to take on boating trips or sunset cruises. It reaches -22 or 60 degrees in just under 40 minutes, plus its super energy efficient.

SnoMaster will be launching the new SMDZ-LS21 at the Caravan Show 2023 at Gallagher Estate 24 – 26 February with special launch prices. Don’t miss out! For more information and pricing of the SnoMaster SMDZ-LS21 simply fill in the enquiry form below and one of the trained SnoMaster staff will get hold of you with purchase and delivery options if you cannot wait till until then. 

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