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Speedy Gonzales


Words and pictures by Andrew Middleton.

Product review: Ironman Speedy Deflator and Pressure Gauge.

I doubt that anyone enjoys deflating their tyres. The job’s tedious, timeconsuming, and usually done on scorching hot sand with a bush poking you in the back, when the mercury’s knocking on the 40⁰ C door.

Consequently, we felt compelled to put to the test Ironman’s Speedy Deflator kit: a somewhat pricey gauge (R820) that promises to shave valuable time off your next tyre-deflating job.

To start with, we paid a visit to our tyre guru, Johann Viljoen. His business (First Alignment Centre) boasts a highly accurate tyrepressure gauge that’s sensitive to the tenth of a bar.

The Speedy Deflator’s valve works in two stages. First, you screw the gauge onto your tyre’s valve stem by turning the knurled section at the forefront of the deflator. Then, using the second knob on the deflator, you unscrew and remove the valve’s inner core.

Once the valve’s inner core is unscrewed and safely held in place by the Speedy Deflator’s brass housing, you can accurately read the tyre’s pressure while simultaneously dumping air by pulling on the rearmost knob. As you pull back on the knob, the tyre’s air escapes at hurricane velocity – much more quickly than it would if one jammed a key or Mopani twig on the valve’s top spring.

Within about 40 seconds, we took the tyre from 2.2 bar to 1.2 bar. By comparison, when using a key, (as suggested above) it took nearly two minutes to drop Words and pictures by Andrew Middleton. the pressure the same amount. That’s a saving of roughly 5 minutes in total for all four tyres.