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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Squeaking Navara


Qusetion by: Johan Daubern Answer by: Arnold VenterI’m the owner of an ’07 Navara 2.5-litre. At 119 858 km this vehicle was serviced and all the belts were replaced. Since then a squeaky noise can be heard in the engine bay every time I start the Nissan. I took the vehicle to my local Nissan dealer and was informed that the noise was coming from the new belts. I later discovered that the bearings on the main jockey pulley were seized and that the bearings on the power-steering pulley were also shot.
I’ve replaced all three pulley bearings but the squeaking sound is still there. When I remove the belts the noise goes away. I was recently told by Nissan that the pulleys need replacing. We have two Navara 2.5 diesels and they both have this problem. Has anyone experienced a similar issue?
Johan Daubern

Up until now you’ve done all the right things but you also need to check the rubber vibration damper on the crankshaft pulley. It sounds to me that this damper has sheered and is now causing a slipping effect on the pulley.
Arnold Venter
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