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SnoMaster SMDZ-LS55 signature series fridge/freezer technical review


The anticipation of the unboxing of the limited edition, SnoMaster Signature Series SMDZ-LS55 Portable Dual Compartment 55-litre Fridge/Freezer was almost unbearable, but the wait was worth it. To celebrate 20 years of SnoMaster’s quality and reliability, SnoMaster have only released 568 units of this portable fridge/freezer, which have just reached the market. The signature series is the brainchild of Shane Bennett, founding owner of SnoMaster, who has been instrumental in its design and creation.

Believe us when we say this SnoMaster Signature Series is not going to stand around too long on shelves. It has a durable red leather cladding which is soft to the touch and striking in appearance. The dual compartments allow for freezing and cooling in either compartment, as their temperatures can be set individually. This is a great feature depending on the amount of frozen perishable space and fridge space required.

The above image shows Shane Bennett, founding member of SnoMaster South Africa showcasing the new SnoMaster SMDZ-LS55

Click on the video below to watch how we reviewed and ran this fridge/freezer over 5 days without 220v power and stage 6 load shedding. We couldn’t believe it!

Premium Build quality
The SnoMaster SMDZ-LS55 is a sturdy unit and has excellent build quality. The lids for the compartments have solid hinges and closing clips to ensure a tight seal when in the closed position. After unpacking the SnoMaster SMDZ-LS55 from its box, and seeing it in person, we were suitably swayed by its prominent red leather-clad look. It certainly makes a good statement in design and outward aesthetics. The improved insulation ensures that the compressor does less work to cool the unit.

Dimensions & weight
The external dimensions of the SMDZ-LS55 are 575mm in height, 620mm in length and 400mm in width. The left storage compartment has a 17-litre capacity and the right compartment has a 38-litre capacity, offering a combined capacity of 55 litres. When it comes to running the SMDZ-LS55 there are 2-speed settings to work with, the first one being Max and the second being the Eco setting.

Battery protection
The SMDZ-LS55 is fitted with a multi-level battery monitor that protects your vehicle battery or portable power supply from excessive discharge. The multi-level battery monitor has high, medium and low battery protection modes. This is a great function as some batteries, particularly lead acid batteries should not be drained to much or damage to the battery can occur. With the three protection modes offered by the SMDZ-LS55, it is possible to set the battery protection to suit your particular type of battery. Setting the temperature in either of the two compartments is incredibly easy from the soft touch push buttons on the side panel. The handles are robust and allow for easy carrying.


Dual compartment
Durable plastic
Durable leather cladding
2 speeds – Max & Eco settings
Internal Power Supply



Storage volume total: 55 litres
Left compartment volume: 17 litres
Right compartment volume: 38 litres
Net weight: 20.6kg
Voltage: AC: 100 to 240 volt 50/60Hz
Voltage DC: 12 volt / 24 volt
Rated current AC/DC: 7.0A / 3.5A
Compressor: 55W
Insulation: Cyclopentane
Temperature settings: +10 to -18 degrees Celsius


Unplug the fridge before cleaning
Use warm water with a non-abrasive cloth and mild detergents
When not in use or while in storage, keep the compartment lids open to reduce odours
Store the fridge in a dry place when not in use (advisable to keep it constantly running)
Do not use sharp objects to scrape off any residual frost or ice build-up


The SnoMaster SMDZ-LS55 has a generous 7 year compressor warranty and a 3 year cabinet warranty to ensure complete peace of mind. With backing such as this, it is understandable why SnoMaster has such a large repeat business customer following.


We put the SnoMaster SMDZ-LS55 to the test with our Rentech 750 Portable Power supply and the SnoMaster fared excellently over a full week. The SnoMaster consumed the power of three of five cells of the Rentech Power Supply via the 12 volt DC output. Foodstuffs and drinks were kept cold and meats and vegetables remained frozen. We used the smaller left compartment for our frozen goods and the larger right compartment for cold drinks and fruit juices.

Our control test took place over a few days at our offices and though the outside temperature remained pretty constant due to the test taking place indoors, the SnoMaster performed excellently and drew minimal power over the period. We are aware that conditions in the field will offer greater fluctuations in outside temperatures and thus cause the compressor of the SMDZ-LS55 to work harder to maintain optimal cooling  temperature, but given the fact that our Rentech lithium ion power supply kept the goods cold and frozen over a few days, this bodes very well for harsher environments.

When we eventually, with much reluctance, returned the limited edition, Signature Series SnoMaster SMDZ-LS55 to the Showroom in Montague Gardens, Cape Town, we had a chance to meet the friendly staff at the Showroom and warranty repair centre. The SnoMaster Cape Town Showroom, sales and repair centre is clean as a whistle and have service/repair outlets in all the major centres in South Africa, including their Head Office, Lifestyle Centre and Service Centre based in Johannesburg.

For more information about this limited edition, signature series, dual compartment fridge/freezer from SnoMaster, simply fill in your details in the enquiry form below and one of their trained staff will get hold of you with pricing, specifications & an outlet near you.

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