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This ENERTEC offer is the perfect solution for the travelling outdoor enthusiast, and includes the following …

1. CTEK D250SA DC-DC charger (R5643 incl. Vat)
2. CTEK Battery Sense Bluetooth battery monitor (R1594 incl. Vat)
3. EV31A-A Discover Dry Cell Battery R6559 incl. Vat)

The D250SA is a fully automatic 5-stage DC-DC charger from CTEK that supplies up to 20A of power to charge, condition and maintain any 12V lead-acid service battery of 40–300 A/H (including Wet, MF, Gel, AGM, EFB and Ca/Ca).

The S250SA can draw its power from DC sources from smart alternators and other DC sources. Its dual input capabilities means it can draw power from solar and wind sources, in parallel to the alternator.

Battery Sense is the Bluetooth enabled battery monitor from CTEK that can track the condition of 12V lead-acid vehicle batteries, helping to prevent frustrating breakdowns and maximising battery performance. It’s easy to install and data is delivered through a free-to-download iPhone or Android App. Once connected, the Battery Sense monitor continuously tracks the vehicle battery to get information about the status of the battery, syncing stats automatically to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

The EV31A-A Discover Dry Cell Battery is a superior high integrity industrial battery with maintenance-free thick plate construction designed for repeated deep discharging. This Traction dry cell battery has a capacity of 115A/H, weighs 33kg and has dimensions of (LxWxH) of 330x172x216mm. It features standard tapered terminals and M8 stud terminals, plus carrying handles for convenience.