South Africa

Baviaanskloof camping adventures

Back on the road, we meandered through the breath-taking Nuwekloof Pass with the awe inspiring rock faces, cliffs and valleys, reaching Makedaat by early afternoon.

TRAVEL – Snakes Alive!

SA4x4 joins some of South Africa’s leading herpetologists on a mission in KZN’s Maputaland region […]

Take the high road…

If you’re not chasing the best roads in South Africa, you’re simply not doing it […]

Poachers Beware…

When SA4x4 was invited to join an anti-poaching initiative hosted by Mapesu Private Game Reserve in Northern Limpopo, it didn’t take much persuading to get the folk from Opposite Lock and Front Runner along for the experience…

Tankwa time-out

A few weekends ago we had the pleasure of once again travelling to the Tankwa […]

That’s the Spirit!

By now a well-established event on the South African 4×4 calendar, the Spirit of Africa […]

Mystery Rally 2018

You need a range of skills to take part in the Mystery Rally, not the […]

A Tale of Two Routes

South Africa’s secondary roads are full of possibilities and 4×4 potential, as Nick Yell proves […]

Rough and rumble

With access to private 4×4 tracks, mountain ranges and secret figures from the past, we […]

Karoo Catharsis

First came the lighting. Far off across the parched plains, electricity was charging the air, […]

Tour of Legends

Expect a huge variety of 4×4 terrain and a few rich lessons in history, fauna […]

A break from reality

A break from reality

SA4x4 and a few friends explore the new four-day Berg-to-Bush guided 4×4 tour over the […]

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