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Tentco 10cm & 5cm self-in ating mattress

Tentco 10cm & 5cm self-inflating mattress



Z-fold and roll-up foam mattresses are bulky and take up a lot of packing space, so it’s worth taking a good look at the more compact self-inflating examples from Tentco. Made from PVC with an anti-slip coating below and a micro-suede covering on top for comfort, they insulate well, pack small and are extremely comfortable. They are supplied with a compression stuff sack: simply open the tape and they inflate themselves.

The 5cm-thick example weighs 2kg, packs to a 70cm x 18cm roll, and opens out to 190 x 54cm; the 10cm weighs  3.65kg, packs to 70cm x 18cm, and opens out to 200 x 66cm.

R599 – 5cm | R925 – 10cm
011 397 6451/2