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Terrain Tamer Differential ELockers


Terrain Tamer has partnered with Harrop, combining their 4WD parts experience with Harrop’s technical expertise to distribute the automotive engineering brand’s innovative and high performance Differential ELockers. Terrain Tamer and Harrop each bring over 50 years of industry knowledge to the partnership, having both started in the 1960’s and growing to be the internationally recognised brands they are today.

Harrop’s patented, 4 pinion, locking differentials are made in Australia and operate manually using an electromagnet powered by the vehicle’s battery, superseding compressor technology and leaving the driver in full control to lock or unlock the differentials when necessary with an easy push button activation. When locked, the ELocker performs as a full locker, capturing 100% of available torque and sending it equally to both wheels, maximising the available traction, providing greater vehicle control and reducing the momentum needed when approaching potentially dangerous obstacles such as hill climbs.

The ELocker has been designed using precision forged American gears from Eaton, specifically intended for heavy duty application and providing improved strength and durability over standard cut gears. The units are designed expressly for 4 Wheel Drive systems and come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.
“Harrop’s ELocker is a great fit for the Terrain Tamer range.” says Terrain Tamer General Manager, Brent Hutchinson. “The blend of Eaton’s patented technology with the design capability we’ve come to expect from Harrop, means the ELocker is perfectly suited to Terrain Tamer’s customers”.

“It’s not often two Australian companies as old as ours can work so closely, to take such innovative technology to new international markets”
The admiration between the two companies is mutual, with Harrop’s General Manager stating “We are proud to have Terrain Tamer as a distributor for our performance leading traction technology. Terrain Tamer is renowned for its quality and engineering excellence and the obvious synergies with Harrop create a great partnership”.

Available for both the front and rear, the Harrop/Eaton ELocker operates in such a way that both differentials remain independent, and is easily fitted using a simple drop in fitting process. The units use no consumable parts such as O-Rings, so require less maintenance and the electromagnetic locking mechanism eliminates the complication and cost involved in running a compressor and the related airlines. Instead, the Harrop/Eaton ELocker connects to the differential using only two wires with dust and waterproof plugs, providing simplicity and ease of repair in the event of damage.

Harrop/Eaton ELockers are available for a range of vehicles throughout the Terrain Tamer stockist network. For pricing and availability, kindly make use of the contact form below. A qualified member of the Terrain Tamer team will respond to your query soonest.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss the Harrop/Eaton Elocker for your vehicle, simply let us know your make and model 4×4 and any relevant questions you may have.

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