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The Africa Rally Needs You! Calling All Adventurers!


The Africa Rally is a three week charity road trip taking place between 1st July 2023 and 22nd July 2023. Our start line party (including free food, drinks, camping, and entertainment) will be taking place at Sparrowhawk Lodge near Hartbeespoort, South Africa before teams wing their way north towards Kenya, finishing to the west of Kisumu three weeks later (with another big party too!).

Any vehicle can enter, and the more ridiculous your vehicle is, the bigger the discount is on your entry to the rally.

We’ve got teams from all over the world involved, with Europeans currently outnumbering South African teams… and we can’t have that!

This is why we want you to join us on this most epic of adventures!

Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime! Watch our video below to get a sneak peek of what you can expect from The Africa Rally.

The Rough Route:

It’s up to you on the specifics of your journey, but we recommend you first head into Botswana where you’ll experience truly amazing wildlife, including elephants, zebra, giraffes, and ostriches without even needing to leave the main road.

From here, you can head to one of our Hospitality Partner’s lodges at Victoria Falls in Zambia, relaxed in the knowledge you’ll be receiving pre-negotiated discounts in beautiful surroundings, just a stone’s throw away from the falls.

Onwards to Malawi, and without doubt the best lakeside fresh fish braai we have ever experienced!

Then into Tanzania where teams can choose to either drive along the west, up Lake Tanganyika and ducking round the bottom of Lake Victoria into Kenya, or head straight across the country and checkout views of Kilimanjaro before heading to the finish line where another raucous party will take place.

The Background:

What’s our history then? Well… our team has been taking part in charity road rallies since 2010 when our Founder made the highly ridiculous decision to drive from London to Mongolia in a 1.2-litre Suzuki. Since then, he’s driven old vehicles all over the world, completing the Plymouth Dakar in 2016, and touring sub-Saharan Africa extensively in his Mark 4 Ford Cortina.

Did you say charity road rallies? Yes… The Africa Rally is a charity event; however, we don’t mandate a specific charity. Across the world, so many people are currently needing help in one way or another, so we ask each team to choose a charity they are already passionate about and use this event as a platform to promote awareness as well as fundraise for them. There will be a prize for the team who raises the most money before crossing the finish line.

Talk to us about vehicle breakdowns you say…?

It’s probably best to accept you’ll end up breaking down at some point, but don’t worry, especially if you’re in an old vehicle, you’ll find they are quick and easy to fix by the side of the road, or in any backstreet mechanic’s shop.

I mean… when we talk about breakdowns, we’ve had some great ones over the years!

Here are a few of our Founder, Paul Clayton’s, personal ones:

“The most dramatic was probably in Mauritania in 2016, when upon hitting a particularly nasty pothole, the entire rear wheel flew off the car and bounced down the road. Although we eventually retrieved it, it was clear to the eye that a fair bit of damage had been done, beyond what our relatively conservative toolbox could fix. We hadn’t seen another car all day, and it was hot, stuck in the middle of the Sahara hot. After a bit of discussion, I got the compass out, set it for where I figured the direction of the nearest village on the map was, and started walking, with my two co-drivers left to watch the vehicle.

I’d been going for about 10 minutes when I see this old Hilux coming down the road. I flag them down and although we don’t speak the same language my gestures to the car on the side of the road on the horizon must make sense. “Mechanic?” Finally a word we both know… then to my amazement the driver points to the back of the truck where there’s another man in a blue boiler suit covered in oil. It turns out they had broken down about 10kms past us, had gone to fetch a mechanic earlier that day and were on their way back. They were only too happy to help us.

More recently I’ve cooked the brakes on the Ford Cortina while negotiating the steep roads in Lesotho, and just the other day managed to overheat the VW Kombi while heading for Botswana. In this last situation, I think help came faster than it ever has done before, with a chap called Graham who was also in a VW Kombi and just happened to be behind me, pulling over to offer me a tow.”

The kindness of strangers in these situations cannot be understated and provides a too-often-needed refresher for everyone’s faith in humanity.

What can you expect from The Africa Rally?

Nothing short of a once-in-a-lifetime trip across Africa.

We’ve broken down a Top Ten Reasons for Getting Involved:

1. No one ever got to the end and said they wished they’d travelled less. Life is all about experiences, and taking part in The Africa Rally will be one you’ll never forget.

2. Do some good while seeing the world. We ask each team to raise money for their chosen registered charity and use our event to not only raise funds but also awareness. The launch is covered on DSTV, with various news outlets already committed to following the rally, so get your charity (along with any sponsors) on the side of your vehicle for the world to see! (There will also be a special prize for the team that raises the most money for their chosen charity)

3. The Pathfinder Awards:
In addition to the award for the most money raised for charity, there’s also The Pathfinder Awards, covering everything from Best Picture of the Rally to Best Dressed Team (and vehicle).

4. See the Botswanan Salt Pans, Victoria Falls, Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, and Lake Victoria all in one trip!

5. Experience the richest diversity of wildlife anywhere on the planet.

6. Witness sunsets you’ll never forget, followed by night skies so clear you can see the Milky Way with the naked eye.

7. Eat impossibly good food, served fresh, and sourced locally.

8. Travel in convoy with different teams, making new friends who’ll be with you for a lifetime!

9. Represent your company brand, product, or service to a global audience while creating enough marketing material to keep your socials going for years to come!

10. Be in with the chance of winning a free helicopter tour over Victoria Falls, if you enter your team before the end of March!

We want to reward teams who’ve got that spirit for adventure or are potentially already a bit bonkers, with cheaper entry. This is why our prices are as follows:

Motorbike Class: £999 (approximately R20,000 per team)

Classic Car Class (where the vehicle has to be older than the oldest teammate): £1,249 (approximately R25,000 per team)

Car Class: £1,399 (approximately R30,000 per team)

4×4 Class: £1,499 (approximately R32,000 per team)

…and finally, the Random Class… the cheapest of all entry categories…

If you are thinking of entering in an utterly ridiculous vehicle regardless of age, get in touch with our HQ team by submitting an enquiry below and if we concur, (we usually will!) entry will only cost £995 (approximately R19,900 per team).

We have no additional costs per person, so if you fill your vehicle with a couple of mates, it works out considerably cheaper per person!

Have we tickled your tastebuds for adventure? Get in touch to find out more!

To find out more about the African Rally, or to take park in this adventure with you and your team, please use the contact form below and a member of the African rally team will respond to your message shortly.

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