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Quick Pitch 20 Second Weather Shade Awning


It doesn’t matter where you find yourself in the beautiful 1 220 000 km² of South Africa, shade will always be a priority. There is nothing worse than travelling for hours in a hot car, only to reach your destination in the bush and have the sun beat down and scorch you into a dehydrated, sunburned piece of irritable sandpaper. Pass the factor 50 suntan lotion! Whether you are facing the dunes on the Cape West Coast, the pure beauty of Limpopo or the endless sands of the Kalahari, the Quick Pitch Weather Shade 20 Second awning gives you shade in seconds, without any poles, ropes or hassles and with minimal effort.

Quick Pitch SA is a leading manufacturer in camping, 4×4 and overlanding products, specializing in niche products. The Quick Pitch Weather Shade 20 Second awning is just that. Why do we say this? The Quick Pitch Weather Shade 20 Second awning is the only awning of its kind that has 5 legless arms. These arms are purposely built extruded arms with gussets strategically placed on the arms to ensure the awning is robust. 4 of the 5 arms are 2.4 m long and the last arm is 1.7 m long giving you 15 m² of shade.

The Quick Pitch Weather Shade 20 Second Awning has a 6 mm dual action hinge that accommodates these 5 arms. The dual action hinge folds very narrow, making the profile next to vehicle smaller and reducing wind drag when on the road.

The awning pan has pre-drilled m8 holes making fitment easy and effortless. Quick Pitch SA has brackets designed for custom fitments to roof racks, RTT, load bars and various other surfaces. The Quick Pitch Weather Shade 20 Second Awning is made from the best materials and no short cuts have been taken with regard to the canvas. The awning cover is made from a quality Ripstop canvas making it durable and long lasting even when put to the toughest tests. The awning canvas is Aluminised, which means that it reflects the heat from the sun, keeping it cool underneath for all to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Each arm has a tie down strap neatly incorporated and tucked away in it. The awning comes standard with 1 height adjustable leg for use during heavy weather.

Length: (when closed) 2.6m
Weight: 28kg
Shade area: 15 m²
Construction: aluminium arms
Hinge construction: 6mm stainless steel dual action
Canvas: grey aluminised canvas

An optional side wall kit is also available with the Quick Pitch Weather Shade 20 Second awning. The side wall kit zips to the awning, giving you a 15 m² room next to your vehicle. The side wall kit has 2 windows and a door for easy access. It is made from a light weight Ripstop canvas with a 370mm PVC insert at the bottom, making it easy to clean.

Quick Pitch SA has trained distributors throughout Southern Africa making after sales service easy.

If you are interested in any of the Quick Pitch products, complete the enquiry form below and a member of the Quick Pitch team will respond with delivery, costings, availability and any other technical questions you might have.

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