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Tips for a Tight Travel Budget


Traditionally known as the land of contrasts, Namibia’s beauty and serenity ensures that it is a popular holiday destination for South Africans. Not only does it tick all the boxes in terms of location, variety of activities and tourist attractions, with numerous accommodation options and styles but it also allows South Africans the opportunity of a holiday outside of our borders without breaking the bank!

While many South Africans are under the impression that a holiday to this African gem is out of their reach, the opposite is in fact true. With no visa required for entry into Namibia, a variety of package deals to suit your pocket as well as low cost airlines now flying into Namibia, the cost of a taste of Namibia may end up costing you a lot less than you initially estimated!

Below find some tips to assist you in keeping the Rands and cents accounted for and working well for you as you explore the land of contrasts:
One of the major advantages of Namibia is that the exchange rate is R1 = N$1. Not only that, but you are able to use Rands within Namibia too! This saves time, money and the stress of constantly trying to keep track of the exchange rate of the country you visit!

Another hint is always to carry sufficient cash on your person. Some of the smaller towns and regions within Namibia may not have easily accessible ATM machines and may not accept credit cards.

• Accommodation
The various regions within Namibia offer an amazing range of accommodation to suit both your style and your budget. From luxury lodges and 5-star establishments to local backpackers and campsites, the variety and options are staggering! Loyalty cards are also available from various accommodation establishments offering discounted rates for South Africans

• Dining Out
Enjoy a hearty breakfast at your establishment of choice, ensure that you have some snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, dried sausage, biltong and water packed to enjoy during the day (all available readily throughout the country!) and then enjoy an evening meal at the restaurant or venue of your choice. Not only will this be easier on your pocket but it is also a healthy option.

• Activities
Not all activities need to cost extravagant amounts of money and some may even be free of charge. From dolphin & seal watching and partaking in a variety of water sports in Walvis Bay to a day out at Von Bach Dam, close to Okahandja, the possibilities are endless!

Enjoy a scenic walk along the rugged Skeleton Coast and play homage to the many ships that sank on this treacherous coastline, enjoy a walking tour through Windhoek at your own pace and according to your own interest, or perhaps browse through the local craft markets in the area or even enjoy a picnic in the dunes of Walvis Bay….as many as the grains of sand in the Kalahari, so are the adventures that await you in Namibia!
Tip: If there are specific tours in which you would like to partake, book and pay for them prior to your departure. Then you can leave, knowing that is one less item for which you need to budget on the trip!

• Self-Drive
For larger families wanting to explore Namibia, a self-drive option may work out more cost effective. Not only are you not paying for transfers, taxis and transportation, but a self-drive holiday allows the family to enjoy the break at their own pace and on their own timetable. Couple this with a camping holiday and you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost! What could be better for a family time than camping under the stars and experiencing new things together?

• Insurance
Ensure that you do take out travel insurance before departing for your trip. Nothing is more expensive than having to fork out for medical care in a foreign country when you aren’t prepared for it! As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry!

For further information on all that Namibia has to offer, contact the Namibia Tourism Board on (021) 422 3298 or visit Like NTB on Facebook/namibianexperience or follow them on twitter/ntbsa.