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Wrapped Up


Words by Andrew Middleton. Photos by Andrew Middleton and Alex dunsford-white

As my colleagues will readily attest, I’m no fashion maven. So, when Drimac and 4×4 MegaWorld handed me a Drimac suede jacket in freezing Lesotho, the best sartorial insight I could muster was that it prevented me from shivering to death during a midnight blizzard. But, now, a couple of months down the line, I’m in a better position to tell you more about the brand and the garment.

First off, Drimac offers what has to be the most interesting choice of clothing names. Where else do you get the opportunity to put on a shirt called the ‘Koos,’ or slip on a ‘Mackerel’ before your day’s 4x4ing?! Named after fish, local personalities and various outdoor activities, each Drimac garment is designed to suit a very particular South African taste for the outdoors.

The company was founded in 1957, and quickly became as synonymous with farmers and outdoors men as the Massey Fergusons and Land Cruisers they were driving. Designed locally, with function taking preference over form, the brand became respected for its durability and comfort. Since those days, Drimac has evolved to suit more tastes, including those of the fairer sex. Though they still focus on practical wear, they now produce a range of t-shirts and fishing gear, as well as coldweather clothing and shorts.