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4×4 Action Group SA


The 4×4 Action Group SA provides a ‘home’ for 4×4 enthusiast and off-road users. There are three aspects to the 4×4 Action Group that sets us apart from most other clubs:

Firstly, they are a National Club. There are +- 50 4×4 clubs in SA, only 25% of which are National, the balance are regional Clubs.

Secondly, they are not-brand specific. Nearly half the National Clubs are for owners of a specific brand of 4×4, be it Land Rover, Land Cruiser or Jeep etc.

Thirdly, and most importantly, is the role we fulfill. To a large extent, 4×4 clubs restrict their activities to only ‘on the ground’ activities. Arranging trips, exchanging info & advice regarding 4×4 related matters etc.

This is where the 4×4 Action Group differs. Whilst they agree that the ‘on the ground’ role is important, it is only one of the three roles they fulfil.

If you would like to join the 4×4 Action Group SA or enquire about their membership fees or their club rules and regulations kindly use our enquiry form below and a committee member should be in touch with you shortly. We are certain they would welcome your attendance.

If you fail to receive a response from any 4×4 or off-road clubs, kindly let us know and we shall remove them from our database and list.

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