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For some customers, the perfect 4×4 is not enough. Pon Steyn Motors has the answer for these clients: a genuine six-wheel drive. These 6×6 Land Rover creations start out like other projects − with a donor vehicle that is stripped, stretched, and re-engineered. In this example, a 110-inch Defender chassis was stretched by 1050mm by welding in a second rear-chassis section from another donor 110, and reinforcing the result with an additional cross member. New drop-down links and upper link ball joints were added, along with the upgraded coils and shocks. To get power to the rear-most axle, a specially

When Gustav and Annelise Marais came across this all-aluminium game viewer body built by Alu-Cab, they knew that they had found the perfect truck-body for their family camper vehicle! The Marais had dreamt of owning a motorhome for years, but the cost of these vehicles is high. They also wanted a 4×4-capable motorhome that could easily go places where standard motorhomes with low ground-clearance and 2WD drivetrains cannot. The other issue was that most truck-chassis based motorhomes are usually only homologated for two: driver + one. So, unless you purchase a double-cab truck with a big price tag (and consequently

Every month, all sorts of Land Cruisers come through the Snyman 4×4 workshop in Brackenfell, Cape Town. If it is Cruiser-related, these guys will pull out all the stops, whether it’s just an oil change for your 105 Series, a few modifications, or a complete restoration down to the last nut and bolt. Everything from paint to engine rebuilding is done in-house and the quality of workmanship shows on every classic Cruiser that is finally signed off by Joubert and Yolanda Snyman. It all began with a passion for Cruisers back in the 1980s, and has grown to be a

When the owner of this “Big Daddy” of overlanders took his dream ride for its first shake-down trip to a resort near Brits for a weekend of quiet camping, he was in for a big surprise. The sheer scale and obvious luxury of his larger than life ride attracted a crowd of 150 to 200 fellow campers, who all wanted to climb in and take a look around, before they told their friends about this epic home on wheels. The camper itself is built on an Iveco Eurocargo 4×4 truck chassis, and the camper section alone is 10 metres long.

How did Llewellyn Edwards turn a mild-mannered Patrol Wagon into a certifiably insane supercharged beast? Let’s just say that the engine from a P1 racing powerboat is involved… THE SCREAMING BARBARIAN Whether or not you’re partial to big power and over-the-top builds, there is something to be said about the deep rumble of a tuned V8 and a barbaric, screaming supercharger. Stick the two into just about anything and you’ll end up with a beast – on land or water. In the case of this build by electrical engineer Llewellyn Edwards, the Patrol’s heart was sourced from a P1 racing

Whether you are banging about in the bush over rough terrain, clambering over rocks up a mountain pass, fording through a rocky water crossing, or travelling on a rural road at night with your eyes peeled for that Kudu that suddenly appears next to the road, it is always good to have the extra peace of mind that comes with having your vehicle protected against rough terrain, ground and animal strikes. In this second phase of our Ironman 4×4 Bush Truck build, we look at some of the Vehicle Protection Gear that we think is essential for any serious off-road

The first phase of our Ironman 4×4 Bush Truck build is the installation of a performance upgrade. I was expecting more people to ask why and I was a bit disappointed that most people just accepted it without explanation. I was ready to explain that the performance upgrade would help to compensate for the additional weight of all of the accessories as well as the larger wheel and tyres that we would be fitting to turn the Ranger into a serious bush truck. It would seem however that a performance upgrade for a diesel- powered double-cab bakkie is par for

When you’re the director of Safari Centre in Mossel Bay, it’d be almost sacrilegious not to have a 4×4 that epitomises what’s possible for a camper. Bennie Durand’s Navara has every possible bell, whistle and gadget that one is able to purchase, and while this may not be a built rig, it’s about as far as one can go with bolt-on components before compromising practicality.

We’ve all been there: in the camping store, accessories department, or fitment centre. Our eyes roam over countless shiny new parts while our imaginations run wild. We try to convince ourselves that these material items don’t make us happier… but that’d be lying to our true greedy selves. Unfortunately, as much as our minds race and hearts skip a beat, our wallets most often stay sullen. So, where does it end? Well, it ends here, with the TeraFlex Jeep. What Pierre Smit and the guys from SA Procurement/All Off-Road have done is to build what in their minds is the

The Sodwana Bay parking lot is always interesting. As I drive in, I pass a Suzuki Jimny (standard), another Jimny (modded, with big tyres), a couple of standard double cabs, a Fortuner or two, a replica Jeep CJ-something, and a Land Cruiser bakkie, fairly unmolested. And I’m driving my own Subaru Outback, probably the most understated (and underrated), and least macho all-wheel-drive vehicle available. (Let’s be honest – it’s a station wagon.) Then I park next to something quite special, and very definitely, incredibly, indelibly and obviously modified. The first hint is the rear axle – it seems that there

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