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RICHARD KIGGEN’S RADICAL KB Story Jacques Viljoen & images by Richard Kiggen There are two groups of people when it comes to modifying vehicles: those who modify for looks and the guys who do it out of necessity. At SA4x4, we tend to have more in common with the latter group. Richard Kiggen, the owner of the Isuzu-based rig you see on these pages, is definitely a guy who puts his travel needs first. What motivated your build, we asked, and this was his reply: “I love the beauty of Africa, its landscapes and cultures, and I feel that it

Motorhome World’s one-of-a-kind luxury globetrotter Story & pictures Andrew Middleton When it comes to overland exploration, there are several ways to go about it. You can go the lightweight route with a bakkie and a tent, you could tow an equipped off-road trailer, or you could opt to travel in your home-on-wheels. The Dreamcatcher is very much the latter option. Built to endure extended touring periods in the Siberian and Russian winter, where temperatures routinely drop below minus 40 degrees Celsius, this lavishly-equipped motorhome is the ultimate ‘money is no object’ expression of luxury overlanding. The beast can comfortably sleep

A pair of Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5023s have reached the highest altitude of any wheeled vehicle – further proof that they are among the most capable off-roaders in the world. The trucks were driven up Ojos del Salado, the world’s tallest active volcano located in the Atacama Desert in Chile, to a record-setting altitude of 6 694 metres (21 962 feet) above sea level. That’s nearly the full height of the volcano, which is 6 893 metres high. To put this in perspective, the Unimogs reached an altitude higher than the tops of Denali (20 308 feet) in Alaska and

Hendri Mouton’s hybrid 2000 Land Rover Defender 130 V8 If you’re the type of person who just can’t resist stepping on the toes of purists, irritating those from the Land Cruiser community and Defender enthusiasts alike, you’ll love Pugly. Hendri Mouton, an engineer and owner of 4×4 accessory company Zombie Off-Road, picked up this far-from-stock Defender two years ago already fitted with one of the finest V8s ever put in a Lexus – the legendary 4.3-litre 3UZ. Breathing through custom 53mm headers into a 63mm main Zorst exhaust system, the beast makes an ungodly burble at idle and roars like

Rtech Fabrications are a name pretty well known Stateside for producing some drool-worthy 4×4 eye candy. Their insane vehicle re-creations are usually pre-1972 Chevy trucks, including most recently an award-winning 1970 K20 and 1972 K50 Crew Cab. Now they’ve hit the nail on the head again with this lime green 1966 K30 Dually. The ’66 body style rides on a 1972 C30 chassis with a 175-inch (4.44-metre) wheelbase, but that’s just for starters. Rtech got to work with custom suspension mounts and added cross members to support powertrain components. A Skyjacker lift and innovative Rtech rear traction bars that multi-task

Using their expertise in building a large variety of off-road trailers and bakkie-based camper conversions, Bush Lapa has taken the next step with an epic off-road motorhome. Based on an Iveco 4×4 double- or single-cab chassis, the Mammoth offers up to four people the space, versatility and capability necessary for the longest overland journeys. Powered by a 3.0-litre, 110kW diesel engine, the Iveco Daily 4×4 features solid axles front and rear. It is able to carry up to 3700kg on the rear axle, making it a perfect base for the Bush Lapa camper. One of the major benefits of a

There are plenty of exciting new choices out there when it comes to trailers and caravans that can handle tough off-road conditions.

For some customers, the perfect 4×4 is not enough. Pon Steyn Motors has the answer for these clients: a genuine six-wheel drive. These 6×6 Land Rover creations start out like other projects − with a donor vehicle that is stripped, stretched, and re-engineered. In this example, a 110-inch Defender chassis was stretched by 1050mm by welding in a second rear-chassis section from another donor 110, and reinforcing the result with an additional cross member. New drop-down links and upper link ball joints were added, along with the upgraded coils and shocks. To get power to the rear-most axle, a specially

When Gustav and Annelise Marais came across this all-aluminium game viewer body built by Alu-Cab, they knew that they had found the perfect truck-body for their family camper vehicle! The Marais had dreamt of owning a motorhome for years, but the cost of these vehicles is high. They also wanted a 4×4-capable motorhome that could easily go places where standard motorhomes with low ground-clearance and 2WD drivetrains cannot. The other issue was that most truck-chassis based motorhomes are usually only homologated for two: driver + one. So, unless you purchase a double-cab truck with a big price tag (and consequently

Every month, all sorts of Land Cruisers come through the Snyman 4×4 workshop in Brackenfell, Cape Town. If it is Cruiser-related, these guys will pull out all the stops, whether it’s just an oil change for your 105 Series, a few modifications, or a complete restoration down to the last nut and bolt. Everything from paint to engine rebuilding is done in-house and the quality of workmanship shows on every classic Cruiser that is finally signed off by Joubert and Yolanda Snyman. It all began with a passion for Cruisers back in the 1980s, and has grown to be a

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