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Rad Rig – All in 4×4 Isuzu



Story Jacques Viljoen & images by Richard Kiggen

There are two groups of people when it comes to modifying vehicles: those who modify for looks and the guys who do it out of necessity. At SA4x4, we tend to have more in common with the latter group. Richard Kiggen, the owner of the Isuzu-based rig you see on these pages, is definitely a guy who puts his travel needs first.
What motivated your build, we asked, and this was his reply: “I love the beauty of Africa, its landscapes and cultures, and I feel that it must be explored. I have always travelled on adventure bikes but increasingly became more interested in 4×4 overlanding. My idea was to construct a 4×4 that offers usability, comfort, and luxury for people who want a real adventure.”

His build started out as a stock-standard 2014 Isuzu KB300 4×4 and has evolved into a very slick overlander that is superbly functional but still manages to look very stylish: form AND function triumphs here.
But it’s more than a build. It was the kick-off point for a full-on business. Frustrated at not being able to find products that were up to his standards, Richard set out to make them himself – and ‘All In 4×4’ was born.
He picks up the story. “After lots of dead ends, eventually I came across some 4×4 YouTube channels from Australia that really intrigued me. I was amazed by the way that they build their bakkies, and after some research decided to go direct to Australia to meet some of the prominent figures in the modification trade. That inspired me to take this process to another level.” The quality of Richard’s work speaks for itself. The biggest modification to his KB is the custom flatbed and canopy. Strong, functional, and lightweight, the canopy section is designed to be removed with just a few bolts when it is not required, after which the drop-sides can be quickly fitted to return it to normal load-bed functions.

The tray and canopy are made from a mixture of steel, stainless steel, and aluminium to keep weight low, but still retain as much strength as possible. The flatbed comes with a built-in drawer system and two large toolbox sections, ensuring you can carry out repairs on the go.
In fully-kitted overlanding mode, the All In 4×4 KB features a 60-litre Engel fridge/freezer on a drop-down fridge slide on the passenger side, while on the driver’s side, there’s a slide-out shelf to fit multiple ammo boxes and a stove.
A mezzanine-style shelf, that runs over the fridge, fits two camping chairs, a camping table, and a tent. The space can also be quickly modified to become a dog box, complete with ventilation holes for your pets.
Behind the canopy one can bolt two spare wheels, as Richard has done, leaving a large 1.74m x 55cm space up to the drop-down tailgate that is fitted with multiple tie-down points.
“It took a long time to find the best combination of factors,” said Richard, “as we had to give the tray a stylish factory look, but also consider things like weight saving, a low centre of gravity, functionality, quality, and value for money.”
A useful selling point is that All In 4×4 is able to modify the mounting points on the flatbed to make it fit on a variety of bakkie platforms, so you can invest in a single unit that will still function when you upgrade or change your vehicle.
Other All In 4×4 modifications include fender brush bars which connect to their own rock sliders, a four-inch stainless steel snorkel, and a low-drag roof rack which produces very little wind noise. Among many other accessories, this KB also sports Ironman 4×4 suspension, 16-inch wheels with 31-inch Cooper STT Pro mud-terrain tyres, a ceramic-coated manifold downpipe, and a three-inch stainless-steel exhaust.

As a package, this is a stand-out 4×4 – from the blacked-out looks which dial in lots of style to match the vehicle colour, to the sheer quality of the construction. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more All In 4×4 work on our roads in the years to come.


All In 4×4 specialises in quality, hand-built trays (flatbeds) and canopy bodies for all major bakkie manufacturers, plus they build a range of accessories from roof racks to rock sliders, brush bars and snorkels. A hallmark of All in 4×4 is exceptionally high-quality standards and the ability to develop unique designs specific to each custom build. Contact Richard at+27 734 888 802.

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