Beautiful Burundi

At just under 28,000 square kilometres, Burundi is the fifth smallest country on continental Africa, and is seldom visited by foreigners.

Rwanda: 7 must-do activities

Towering volcanoes, deep-water lakes, mountain-top calderas, verdant jungles, highland coffee plantations… There is so much […]

Lekker Lesotho

I have no idea what to expect from the mountain nation of Lesotho. Although tiny […]

VW Syncro

The Syncro Saga

An article in SA4x4 of February 2016, titled ‘Shoebox on wheels – Zim, Zambia and […]

Crossing the pans

I was sitting around a fire with my Dad one Sunday in March, when our […]

Mystery Rally 2018

You need a range of skills to take part in the Mystery Rally, not the […]

The remote Namib Desert

Few people are aware that the mighty Namib Desert extends into southern Angola. This seldom-visited […]

Beautiful Botswana

As one of the least densely populated countries on the continent and one with a […]

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