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4X4 ATV Club


Club activities are mostly of a family nature. Monthly meetings are held where members can put their vehicles to the test, improve their driving skills and socialize with fellow members. Some members participate in the National 4X4 Challenge Series. Other events include the annual Toyota Rust de Winter Jamboree – most probably the biggest gathering of 4X4’s in the country. The Club will always remain a non-profit organization, allowing us the opportunity to promote the responsible usage of our natural resource. The Club also participates in community projects such as fund raising, fun fairs, donating blood and charity projects such as entertaining the less privileged and disabled. A general meeting, open to all club members, takes place during the course of the year to get input from members as to the Club’s activities. Functions for Club members are also held. This concludes in a year end function (supper and dance). History: The Club started out as the South African Jeep Club in September 1976 and operated as a non-profit Club to promote the interests of Jeep Owners in South Africa. Due to the decline in numbers of Jeeps in South Africa and the growing interest in four wheel drive vehicles for recreation purposes, the Club has since been opened to all types of four wheel drive vehicles. The Club strives to be a symbol of organized four wheelers concerned with fauna & flora, natural resources and recreation in South Africa. The Club has had a steady growth of members over the past years and has a membership of over 400. It has a documented constitution and is controlled by a committee of 13 members selected each March at an Annual General Meeting. On taking membership, each member agrees to adhere to the code of conduct and rules of the constitution in the interests of the Club and the four wheel drive community in general. A monthly newsletter keeps everyone up to date on the latest activities and gives members a means of reporting back on events. 4×4, Clubs, Pretoria

Contact: Frits Greger
Phone: 082-558 6184