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Awnings Buyers Guide

Awnings Buyers Guide


When touring midsummer in the 40-50 degree heat of Namibia or the Karoo, or simply taking a lunch-break by the roadside, you’ll need some shade. Having an awning that’s quick and easy to set up, yet durable and sturdy enough to take nature’s beating, may mean the difference between crying, sunburned kids and a happy holiday.

An awning’s principal work is providing shade, but one can have several functions. With the addition of sides, an awning will help you weather a dust-storm, a downpour, and even swarms of bugs.

As ever, there are many different types of awnings to choose from, ranging from a simple lightweight roll-out, to the swingout 270-degree awning with sides, that creates a large and spacious enclosure. The choice is yours; and in this guide, we explore a few options.