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Welcome to the SA4x4 contact form,

This contact form is used to get in touch with our editors, journalists and sales teams for vehicle reviews, product reviews, 4×4 trails and administration assistance. If you have a general question that you need answers for, we strongly encourage you to engage with our greater audience and 4×4 community by posting your questions on our Forum.



Our Forum administrators are on standby to assist you in your search for advice, guidance and how-to knowledge.  Remember, 100 000 heads are certainly better than one 😉

Plus, any questions posted on our SA4x4 community Forum will be included in our weekly email run that is seen by over 100 000 off-road and 4×4 enthusiasts.

This acts in a similar way to Facebook groups, but without the constant bombarding of ads or having to surrender your personal information or privacy. Plus, it’s searchable via Google, which means that your question could assist others looking for the similar answers or recommendations in our local 4×4 community.

Our Forum is designed solely to assist the overlanding and 4×4 communities for a safer and better experience for all.

Just remember…if you spam, you will get banned 😉

Thank you for visiting our website and getting in touch with us, let’s see how we can help.


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